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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1969
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
The Orient ExpressXXXA Little Star Mideast Rock1969Medium138BPM2:24
The Orient ExpressXXXAsaar Mid-East-Oud1969Medium138BPM4:29
The Orient ExpressXXXBirds Of India Mid-East-Oud1969Slow88BPM3:52
The Orient ExpressXXXCaravan Of Silk Mid-East-Oud1969Slow112BPM2:48
The Orient ExpressXXXCobra Fever Mid-East-Oud1969Slow66BPM2:32
The Orient ExpressXXXDance For Me Mid-East-Oud1969Fast144BPM2:47
The Orient ExpressXXXFor A Moment Mideast Rock1969Medium112BPM2:04
The Orient ExpressXXXFruit Of The Desert Mid-East-Oud1969Fast147BPM2:51
The Orient ExpressXXXImpulse (Forty Two Drums) Oud/Mid-East1969Fast160BPM4:49
The Orient ExpressXXXLayla Mid-East-Oud1969Fast144BPM3:40
The Orient ExpressXXXTrain To Bombay Mid-East-Oud1969Fast141BPM2:51