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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1969
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXBaby Please Don' t Go Psych Rock1967Medium136BPM5:39
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXColors Psych Rock1967Medium133BPM3:28
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXDown on Phillip's Escalator Psych Rock1967Fast143BPM3:07
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXDr. Slingshot Psych Rock1967Medium133BPM3:04
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXFlight Of The Bird Psych Rock1967Medium127BPM2:51
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXFor His Namesake Psych Rock1967Fast141BPM4:28
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXGood Natured Emma Psych Rock1967Medium127BPM4:39
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXJourney To The Center Of The Mind Psych Rock1968Fast158BPM3:36
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXLoaded For Bear Psych Rock1967Fast158BPM3:05
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXMigration Pysch Rock Inst.1967Medium129BPM6:05
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXMississippi Murderer Psych Rock1967Slow90BPM5:10
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXNight Time Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM3:17
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXProdigal Man Psych Rock1967Medium136BPM8:50
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXPsalms Of Aftermath Psych Rock1967Slow102BPM3:25
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXSaint Phillip's Friend Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM3:32
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXScottish Tea Pysch Rock Inst.1967Medium127BPM4:02
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXWhy Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange Psych Rock1967Medium121BPM2:28
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXYou Talk Sunshine I Breathe Fire Psych Rock1967Fast154BPM2:46
Bohemian VendettaXXX(She Always Gives Me) Pleasure Psych Rock1968Medium131BPM4:14
Bohemian VendettaXXXAll Kinds Of Highs Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM3:40
Bohemian VendettaXXXDeaf, Dumb And Blind Psych Rock1968Slow93BPM3:30
Bohemian VendettaXXXI Wanna Touch Your Heart Psych Rock1968Slow105BPM2:46
Bohemian VendettaXXXImages (Shadow In The Night) Psych Rock1968Medium120BPM1:53
Bohemian VendettaXXXLove Can Make Your Mind Go Wild Psych Rock1968Fast163BPM2:44
Bohemian VendettaXXXParadox City Psych Rock1968Slow91BPM2:13
Bohemian VendettaXXXRiddles And Fairytales Psych Rock1968Fast145BPM2:58
Bohemian VendettaXXXThe House Of The Rising Sun Psych Rock1968Slow93BPM5:24
Charles BeverlyXXXGrass Ain't Greener Rock & Roll1971Slow93BPM2:43
Danny and the VelairsXXXShaggy Dog Rock and Roll1967Medium124BPM1:59
December's ChildrenXXXAfternoon Psych Rock1970Slow107BPM2:43
December's ChildrenXXXBack Road Rider Psych Rock1970Slow84BPM2:41
December's ChildrenXXXHide The Water Psych Rock1970Medium122BPM2:33
December's ChildrenXXXJane's Song (The Slow One) Psych Rock1970Slow106BPM2:18
December's ChildrenXXXLast Monday Night Psych Rock1970Slow106BPM2:39
December's ChildrenXXXLivin' (Way Too Fast) Psych Rock1970Medium118BPM3:37
December's ChildrenXXXSlow It Down Psych Rock1970Medium123BPM2:26
December's ChildrenXXXSweet Talkin' Woman Psych Rock1970Slow92BPM2:58
December's ChildrenXXXToo Early To Be Late Psych Rock1970Slow69BPM4:19
December's ChildrenXXXTrilogy Psych Rock1970Slow65BPM5:08
Ellie PopXXXCan't Be Love Psych Rock1968Medium124BPM2:33
Ellie PopXXXCaught In The Rain Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM2:35
Ellie PopXXXNo Thanks Mr. Mann Psych Rock1968Slow100BPM2:51
Ellie PopXXXOh! My Friend Psych Rock1968Medium118BPM2:22
Ellie PopXXXRemembering (Sonnybrook) Psych Rock1968Medium127BPM2:30
Ellie PopXXXSeems I've Changed Psych Rock1968Medium135BPM2:23
Ellie PopXXXSeven North Frederick Psych Rock1968Medium122BPM2:20
Ellie PopXXXSometime Ago Psych Rock1968Medium119BPM2:23
Ellie PopXXXWatcha Gonna Do Psych Rock1968Slow105BPM2:45
Ellie PopXXXWinner Loser Psych Rock1968Medium126BPM2:14
EuphoriaXXXHungry Woman Psych Rock1967Fast140BPM3:16
EuphoriaXXXNo Me Tomorrow Psych Rock1967Medium113BPM3:09
FreeportXXXCall Yourself The Wind Psych Rock1970Slow58BPM4:59
FreeportXXXForty Long Faces Psych Rock1970Slow109BPM4:04
FreeportXXXIt's A Brand New Morning Psych Rock1970Medium132BPM4:29
FreeportXXXJust What You Need Psych Rock1970Medium139BPM2:14
FreeportXXXLend a Hand Psych Rock1970Slow80BPM3:07
FreeportXXXNonsense Psych Rock1970Slow103BPM3:50
FreeportXXXOld Man Psych Rock1970Slow107BPM3:46
FreeportXXXWhat She's Done Psych Rock1970Fast144BPM2:59
Harbinger ComplexXXXI Think I'm Down Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM2:26
Harbinger ComplexXXXMy Dear Kind Sir Psych Rock1967Medium117BPM2:23
Harbinger ComplexXXXTime To Kill Psych Rock1967Medium119BPM2:07
Harbinger ComplexXXXWhen You Know You're In Love Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM2:11
Henry TreeXXXCountry Son Psych Rock1970Medium115BPM5:54
Henry TreeXXXElectric Holy Man Psych Rock1970Varies8:29
Henry TreeXXXLady Of Day Psych Rock1970Slow92BPM3:58
Henry TreeXXXMrs. Fear Psych Rock1970Varies5:30
Henry TreeXXXPenfield Town Psych Rock1970Medium121BPM2:57
JosefusXXXAmerica Psych Rock1970Medium126BPM2:37
JosefusXXXB.S. Creek Psych Rock1970Fast140BPM4:06
JosefusXXXBald Peach Psych Rock1970Fast141BPM2:43
JosefusXXXCondition Psych Rock1970Fast141BPM2:59
JosefusXXXFeelin' Good Psych Rock1970Fast144BPM6:07
JosefusXXXI Saw A Killin' Psych Rock1970Medium135BPM2:23
JosefusXXXI'm Gettin' On Psych Rock1970Fast142BPM2:30
JosefusXXXJimmy, Jimmy Psych Rock1970Medium127BPM2:39
JosefusXXXSefus Blues Psych Rock1970Slow109BPM3:14
JosefusXXXSuch Is Life Psych Rock1970Medium118BPM3:06
KatmanduXXXAll These Things Psych Rock1970Slow101BPM4:35
KatmanduXXXCatch The Groove Psych Rock1970Medium134BPM3:27
KatmanduXXXCotton Mouth Psych Rock1970Fast141BPM3:58
KatmanduXXXDay Before Tomorrow Psych Rock1970Medium129BPM3:25
KatmanduXXXG Minor Psych Rock1970Medium139BPM2:22
KatmanduXXXHonkey Donkey Psych Rock1970Medium132BPM3:30
KatmanduXXXI'm The One Psych Rock1970Slow69BPM3:54
KatmanduXXXKeep The Faith Psych Rock1970Medium125BPM4:02
KatmanduXXXShe's Got Everything Psych Rock1970Medium132BPM3:54
KatmanduXXXYou Made Me Feel Like I Belong Psych Rock1970Fast150BPM2:26
LacewingXXXCrystal Myth Psych Rock1970Medium130BPM4:08
LacewingXXXGalvenized Midget Psych Rock1970Fast141BPM6:41
LacewingXXXI'll Play For You Psych Rock1970Medium121BPM4:18
LacewingXXXOur World (It Can Happen) Psych Rock1970Fast147BPM3:32
LacewingXXXParadox Psych Rock1970Slow105BPM3:49
LacewingXXXThe Storm: Epicycle and Rebirth Psych Rock1970Slow88BPM7:04
LacewingXXXTime To Go Psych Rock1970Slow89BPM3:11
Last NikleXXXCause I've Been Trying Rock1970Slow92BPM3:40
Last NikleXXXFeeling Blue Rock1970Slow84BPM3:55
Last NikleXXXFive O'Clock Sun Rock1970Medium121BPM3:12
Last NikleXXXGot To Be Somebody Rock1970Slow103BPM2:56
Last NikleXXXLife Is A Purple Antelope Rock1970Medium122BPM9:38
Last NikleXXXShe's The One Rock1970Medium134BPM3:32
Last NikleXXXThe Fool Rock1970Fast141BPM3:36
Lincoln Street ExitXXXDirty Mother Blues Rock and Roll1970Slow100BPM7:05
Lincoln Street ExitXXXGoing Back Home Rock and Roll1970Medium130BPM3:06
Lincoln Street ExitXXXGot You Babe Rock and Roll1970Fast144BPM3:07
Lincoln Street ExitXXXMan Machine Rock and Roll1970Medium132BPM3:59
Lincoln Street ExitXXXPhantom Child Rock and Roll1970Medium132BPM4:20
Lincoln Street ExitXXXSoulful Drifter Rock and Roll1970Medium119BPM3:01
Lincoln Street ExitXXXStraight Shootin' Man Rock and Roll1970Medium124BPM3:03
Lincoln Street ExitXXXTeacher Teacher Rock and Roll1970Medium131BPM2:51
Lincoln Street ExitXXXTime Has Come Gonna Die Rock and Roll1970Slow109BPM4:07
NucleusXXXAll About Me and the Spidery Bass Psych Rock1969Medium127BPM5:28
NucleusXXXCommunication Psych Rock1969Slow86BPM11:01
NucleusXXXJenny Wake Up Psych Rock1969Medium117BPM8:58
NucleusXXXJudgement Day Psych Rock1969Slow106BPM8:31
NucleusXXXLost And Found Psych Rock1969Medium134BPM6:43
NucleusXXXShare Your Color Psych Rock1969Slow92BPM3:00
Ronnie WhiteXXXBegging You Rock & Roll1967Slow90BPM2:36
Ronnie WhiteXXXOut Of Breath Rock & Roll1967Medium126BPM2:56
Stone CircusXXXAdam's Lament Psych Rock1969Medium120BPM2:35
Stone CircusXXXBlue Funk Psych Rock1969Medium135BPM2:33
Stone CircusXXXCamino Royal Psych Rock1969Fast145BPM3:33
Stone CircusXXXCarnival Of Love Psych Rock1969Fast144BPM3:00
Stone CircusXXXInside Out Man Psych Rock1969Medium124BPM5:11
Stone CircusXXXMr. Grey Psych Rock1969Medium124BPM3:05
Stone CircusXXXPeople I Once Knew Psych Rock1969Slow104BPM7:11
Stone CircusXXXSara Wells Psych Rock1969Medium117BPM3:09
Stone CircusXXXWhat Went Wrong Psych Rock1969Medium127BPM2:25
Superfine DandelionXXXCrazy Town Rock and Roll1968Medium130BPM3:07
Superfine DandelionXXXDay And Night Rock and Roll1968Medium138BPM2:50
Superfine DandelionXXXDon't Try to Call Me Rock and Roll1968Medium127BPM2:57
Superfine DandelionXXXIt's Raining Rock and Roll1968Medium121BPM3:06
Superfine DandelionXXXJanie's Tomb Rock and Roll1968Medium127BPM2:55
Superfine DandelionXXXMy PLace Rock and Roll1968Medium124BPM2:15
Superfine DandelionXXXPeople In The Streets Rock and Roll1968Medium138BPM3:33
Superfine DandelionXXXShameful Lady Rock and Roll1968Medium126BPM2:44
Superfine DandelionXXXThe Other Sidewalk Rock and Roll1968Medium124BPM3:06
Superfine DandelionXXXWhat's The Hurry Rock and Roll1968Slow109BPM2:51
The Art Of Lovin'XXXAnd I Must Have Seen Them All Psych Rock1968Slow83BPM3:14
The Art Of Lovin'XXXDaily Prayer Psych Rock1968Slow106BPM2:50
The Art Of Lovin'XXXGood Times Psych Rock1968Medium139BPM2:31
The Art Of Lovin'XXXPaul's Circus Psych Rock1968Medium125BPM3:15
The Art Of Lovin'XXXState Of Mind Psych Rock1968Medium118BPM3:40
The Art Of Lovin'XXXTake A Ride Psych Rock1968Slow92BPM3:07
The Art Of Lovin'XXXThe First Time Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM3:31
The Art Of Lovin'XXXWhat The Young Minds Say Psych Rock1968Slow92BPM2:39
The Art Of Lovin'XXXYou'll Walk Away Psych Rock1968Medium121BPM2:26
The Art Of Lovin'XXXYou've Got The Power Psych Rock1968Medium124BPM2:59
The Growing ConcernXXXA Boy I Once Knew Well Psych Rock1968Slow109BPM4:31
The Growing ConcernXXXAll I Really Want Psych Rock1968Fast142BPM2:23
The Growing ConcernXXXEdge Of Time Psych Rock1968Fast140BPM4:33
The Growing ConcernXXXI Know A Girl Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM2:41
The Growing ConcernXXXTomorrow Has Been Cancelled Psych Rock1968Medium118BPM2:50
The Growing ConcernXXXWhat Kind Of Life Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM3:02
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXAnother August Revisited Psych Rock1967Slow82BPM2:47
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXCountry Women Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM2:29
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXGeneration Psych Rock1967Medium124BPM2:57
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXGoing Nowhere Psych Rock1967Medium131BPM2:34
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXGoodtime Feeling Psych Rock1967Medium122BPM2:41
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXHappiness Girl Psych Rock1967Medium124BPM2:13
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXNeon River Psych Rock1967Medium124BPM2:38
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXPlastic Soldiers Psych Rock1967Slow95BPM2:59
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXPoor Precious Dreams Psych Rock1967Medium126BPM2:01
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXSay Mann Psych Rock1967Slow98BPM2:25
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXSeptember Rain Psych Rock1967Slow105BPM2:11
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXTapestries Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM2:27
The Other SideXXXStreetcar Psych Rock1967Fast147BPM2:16
The Tangerine ZooXXXAnother Morning Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM2:47
The Tangerine ZooXXXBirth Psych Rock1968Slow100BPM2:37
The Tangerine ZooXXXCan't You See Psych Rock1968Slow82BPM3:51
The Tangerine ZooXXXConfusion Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM4:52
The Tangerine ZooXXXCrystalescent Heaven Psych Rock1968Slow78BPM4:49
The Tangerine ZooXXXFarther Down The Road Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM4:29
The Tangerine ZooXXXLike People Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM2:39
The Tangerine ZooXXXMommy And Daddy Psych Rock1968Medium122BPM1:44
The Tangerine ZooXXXNature's Children Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM3:52
The Tangerine ZooXXXPlease Don't Set Me Free Psych Rock1968Slow76BPM3:51
The Tangerine ZooXXXSymphonic Psyche Psych Rock1968Medium121BPM3:55
The Tangerine ZooXXXThe Flight Psych Rock1968Fast144BPM4:28
The Tangerine ZooXXXTrip To The Zoo Psych Rock1967Medium132BPM3:51
The Tangerine ZooXXXWake Up Sun Psych Rock1968Fast140BPM4:16
The Tangerine ZooXXXYou I Love Psych Rock1968Slow91BPM3:53
The Tangerine ZooXXXYoung Dream Psych Rock1968Slow78BPM9:26
The Tiffany ShadeXXXA Quiet Revolution Psych Rock1967Medium138BPM2:06
The Tiffany ShadeXXXA Very Grand Love Psych Rock1967Slow96BPM2:49
The Tiffany ShadeXXXAn Older Man Psych Rock1967Fast149BPM3:04
The Tiffany ShadeXXXJaguar City Blues Psych Rock1967Medium121BPM2:06
The Tiffany ShadeXXXNo Reality Psych Rock1967Slow96BPM4:02
The Tiffany ShadeXXXNot Worth The Pain Psych Rock1967Medium138BPM3:09
The Tiffany ShadeXXXOne Good Reason Psych Rock1967Medium112BPM2:21
The Tiffany ShadeXXXSam Psych Rock1967Medium115BPM5:19
The Tiffany ShadeXXXWould You Take My Mind Out For A Walk Psych Rock1967Medium132BPM2:21
WildflowerXXXBaby Dear Psych Rock1967Fast140BPM2:21
WildflowerXXXCoffee Cup Psych Rock1967Slow95BPM2:18
WildflowerXXXJump In Psych Rock1967Medium128BPM2:47
WildflowerXXXWind Dream Psych Rock1967Slow94BPM2:15