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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1964
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Billy Bunch and his BoysXXXWalk Right In Country Inst.1964Medium136BPM2:29
Billy Hutch Harmonica and Orch.XXXCamptown Races Country Inst.1964Medium/Fast130BPM2:16
Billy Hutch Harmonica and Orch.XXXFrankie And Johnny Country Inst.1964Slow88BPM2:38
Billy Hutch Harmonica and Orch.XXXPeace River Country1964Slow94BPM2:25
Billy Hutch Harmonica and Orch.XXXSan Jose Country Inst.1964Slow80BPM2:26
Billy Hutch Harmonica and Orch.XXXSix Nights Of Blues Country1964Medium129BPM2:49
Faye TuckerXXXBorn The Moment We Met Country1964Slow87BPM2:35
Faye TuckerXXXDown In The Valley Country1964Slow74BPM2:33
Hargus RobbinsXXXI'm Hurting Country Inst.1964Medium114BPM2:02
Hargus RobbinsXXXIn The Midnight Hours Country Inst.1964Slow73BPM2:05
Hargus RobbinsXXXPop Up Country Inst.1964Medium132BPM2:10
Kelso HerstonXXXArkansas Traveler Country1964Fast140BPM2:18
Kelso HerstonXXXBeautiful Dreamer Banjo/ Country1964Slow93BPM2:45
Kelso HerstonXXXCamptown Races Banjo/ Country1964Medium128BPM2:20
Kelso HerstonXXXHome Sweet Home Country1964Fast2:44
Kelso HerstonXXXI Dream Of Jeannie Banjo/ Country1964Slow103BPM2:20
Kelso HerstonXXXJohn Henry Country Inst.1964Medium129BPM2:37
Kelso HerstonXXXMassa in de Cold Cold Ground Banjo/ Country1964Slow80BPM2:39
Kelso HerstonXXXMy Darling Clementine Country Inst.1964Slow91BPM2:16
Kelso HerstonXXXMy Old Kentucky Home Banjo/ Country1964Medium128BPM2:05
Kelso HerstonXXXNellie Bly Banjo/ Country1964Slow90BPM1:40
Kelso HerstonXXXOh Suzannah Banjo/ Country1964Medium130BPM2:15
Kelso HerstonXXXOld Black Joe Banjo/ Country1964Medium116BPM2:45
Kelso HerstonXXXOld Dog Tray Banjo/ Country1964Medium121BPM2:58
Kelso HerstonXXXRing, Ring de Banjo Banjo/ Country1964Medium130BPM2:02
Kelso HerstonXXXShort And Sweet Country Inst.1964Slow98BPM2:11
Kelso HerstonXXXSwanee River Banjo/ Country1964Medium124BPM2:23
Kelso HerstonXXXUncle Ned Banjo/ Country1964Medium118BPM2:08
Lloyd GreenXXXB. Bowman Hop C&W Inst.1964Medium129BPM2:05
Lloyd GreenXXXBud's Bounce Country Inst.1964Medium121BPM2:53
Lloyd GreenXXXColumbus Stockade Blues C&W Inst.1964Medium113BPM2:32
Lloyd GreenXXXPanhandle Rag Country Inst.1964Medium120BPM2:24
Lloyd GreenXXXRed River Valley Country Inst.1964Medium114BPM2:45
Lloyd GreenXXXRemington Ride Country Inst.1964140BPM2:49
Lloyd GreenXXXShe Wore A Yellow Ribbon Country Inst.1964Medium130BPM2:40
Lloyd GreenXXXSteel Guitar Rag Country Inst.1964Fast137BPM2:31
Lloyd GreenXXXTexas Playboy Rag Country Inst.1964Medium128BPM2:00
Lloyd GreenXXXWhen You And I Were Young Maggie C&W Inst.1964Medium122BPM2:36
Lloyd GreenXXXWildwood Flower C&W Inst.1964Medium114BPM2:28
Mike DeasyXXXCotton Picker Bill Country1964Slow88BPM2:17
Rink HardinXXXAngel Band Country1964Medium120BPM2:23
Rink HardinXXXI Lost My Future Country1964Slow95BPM2:19
Rink HardinXXXIf I Knew Then Country1964Medium125BPM2:39
Rink HardinXXXRest In The Peaceful Valley Country1964Slow112BPM2:10
Rink HardinXXXShe Left Yesterday Country1964Medium114BPM2:51
Rink HardinXXXThe First Of Many Goodbyes Country1964Slow105BPM2:18
Rink HardinXXXWhen The Wine Is Gone Country1964Slow112BPM2:23