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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1964
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXBaby Please Don' t Go Psych Rock1967Medium136BPM5:39
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXColors Psych Rock1967Medium133BPM3:28
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXDown on Phillip's Escalator Psych Rock1967Fast143BPM3:07
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXDr. Slingshot Psych Rock1967Medium133BPM3:04
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXFlight Of The Bird Psych Rock1967Medium127BPM2:51
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXFor His Namesake Psych Rock1967Fast141BPM4:28
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXGood Natured Emma Psych Rock1967Medium127BPM4:39
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXLoaded For Bear Psych Rock1967Fast158BPM3:05
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXMigration Pysch Rock Inst.1967Medium129BPM6:05
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXMississippi Murderer Psych Rock1967Slow90BPM5:10
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXNight Time Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM3:17
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXProdigal Man Psych Rock1967Medium136BPM8:50
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXPsalms Of Aftermath Psych Rock1967Slow102BPM3:25
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXSaint Phillip's Friend Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM3:32
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXScottish Tea Pysch Rock Inst.1967Medium127BPM4:02
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXWhy Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange Psych Rock1967Medium121BPM2:28
Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted NugentXXXYou Talk Sunshine I Breathe Fire Psych Rock1967Fast154BPM2:46
Bertha TillmanXXXI Wish Rock and Roll1962Slow98BPM2:44
Bertha TillmanXXXLovin' Time Rock & Roll1962Medium132BPM2:21
Bertha TillmanXXXOh My Angel Rock & Roll1962Slow96BPM2:21
Bertha TillmanXXXSomething Funny Is Going On Rock & Roll1962Medium120BPM2:31
Big PeteXXXBakaruda Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium138BPM2:34
Big PeteXXXBig Pete Rock and Roll1961Medium135BPM2:24
Bill CollinsXXXBorder Beat Rock and Roll1961Medium135BPM2:35
Bill CollinsXXXUpturn Rock & Roll1962Fast135BPM2:05
CashmenXXXCreeper Rock & Roll1964Medium127BPM2:23
CashmenXXXGrapevine Rock & Roll Inst1964Medium127BPM2:51
CashmenXXXThe Cobra Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium129BPM1:56
CashmenXXXYeah, Yeah Rock & Roll1964Medium112BPM2:11
ChancellorsXXXStraightaway Rock and Roll1962Medium115BPM1:44
ChancellorsXXXUp Side Down Rock & Roll1962Medium122BPM1:45
ChancellorsXXXUp Side Down Rock and Roll1962Medium122BPM1:45
Clyde GaryXXXChestnut Drive Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium132BPM2:13
Corki RayXXXJohnny And The Tag A Long Rock & Roll1963Slow90BPM2:28
Danny and the VelairsXXXShaggy Dog Rock and Roll1967Medium124BPM1:59
DialsXXXThe Froggie Rock & Roll1961Fast152BPM1:01
EuphoriaXXXHungry Woman Psych Rock1967Fast140BPM3:16
EuphoriaXXXNo Me Tomorrow Psych Rock1967Medium113BPM3:09
Gary LeeXXXThey Don't See Rock & Roll1962Medium130BPM1:51
Gary LeeXXXWhy Rock & Roll1962Slow80BPM2:07
Harbinger ComplexXXXI Think I'm Down Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM2:26
Harbinger ComplexXXXMy Dear Kind Sir Psych Rock1967Medium117BPM2:23
Harbinger ComplexXXXTime To Kill Psych Rock1967Medium119BPM2:07
Harbinger ComplexXXXWhen You Know You're In Love Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM2:11
Hugo MontenegroXXXWin Win Boogie Boogie1962Slow116BPM2:23
Jody ReynoldsXXXGolden Sea Rock & Roll1963Slow91BPM5:35
Jody ReynoldsXXXRobbing The Cradle Rock & Roll1963Medium115BPM2:14
Johnny LanceXXXAll About Julie Rock & Roll1963Medium120BPM2:12
Johnny LanceXXXBig Tragedy Rock & Roll1963Medium118BPM1:57
Leon RussellXXXBarracuda Rock & Roll1963Fast150BPM2:31
Marty GinoXXXI Was It Rock & Roll1961Medium135BPM1:25
Marty GinoXXXProtect My Love Rock & Roll1961Slow100BPM1:37
Path FindersXXXBoss Walk Rock & Roll1962Medium117BPM2:16
Path FindersXXXCat Dance Rock & Roll Inst1964Medium115BPM2:29
Ronnie WhiteXXXBegging You Rock & Roll1967Slow90BPM2:36
Ronnie WhiteXXXOut Of Breath Rock & Roll1967Medium126BPM2:56
Skip and FlipXXXDoubt Rock & Roll1962Medium130BPM2:42
Skip and FlipXXXHully Gully Cha Cha Cha Rock & Roll1962Medium106BPM2:41
The Beau MarksXXXOh Joan Rock & Roll1961Medium130BPM2:33
The Beau MarksXXXRockin' Blues Rock & Roll1961Fast160BPM1:59
The DonaysXXXBad Boy Rock & Roll1962Medium120BPM2:15
The DonaysXXXDevil In His Heart Rock & Roll1962Medium115BPM2:39
The Fi-DellsXXXCome Back To Me Rock & Roll1961Medium125BPM2:24
The Fi-DellsXXXNo Other Love (Like Yours) Rock & Roll1961Fast150BPM6:36
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXAnother August Revisited Psych Rock1967Slow82BPM2:47
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXCountry Women Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM2:29
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXGeneration Psych Rock1967Medium124BPM2:57
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXGoing Nowhere Psych Rock1967Medium131BPM2:34
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXGoodtime Feeling Psych Rock1967Medium122BPM2:41
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXHappiness Girl Psych Rock1967Medium124BPM2:13
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXNeon River Psych Rock1967Medium124BPM2:38
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXPlastic Soldiers Psych Rock1967Slow95BPM2:59
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXPoor Precious Dreams Psych Rock1967Medium126BPM2:01
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXSay Mann Psych Rock1967Slow98BPM2:25
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXSeptember Rain Psych Rock1967Slow105BPM2:11
The Jelly Bean BanditsXXXTapestries Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM2:27
The Other SideXXXStreetcar Psych Rock1967Fast147BPM2:16
The PipelinersXXXBeach Bum Rock & Roll Inst1964Medium117BPM2:09
The PipelinersXXXBo Bo Diddley Rock & Roll Inst1962Medium135BPM1:48
The PipelinersXXXEl Rubio Rock & Roll Inst1962Medium132BPM2:51
The PipelinersXXXRice and Beans Rock & Roll Inst1962Fast141BPM2:32
The Tangerine ZooXXXTrip To The Zoo Psych Rock1967Medium132BPM3:51
The Tiffany ShadeXXXA Quiet Revolution Psych Rock1967Medium138BPM2:06
The Tiffany ShadeXXXA Very Grand Love Psych Rock1967Slow96BPM2:49
The Tiffany ShadeXXXAn Older Man Psych Rock1967Fast149BPM3:04
The Tiffany ShadeXXXJaguar City Blues Psych Rock1967Medium121BPM2:06
The Tiffany ShadeXXXNo Reality Psych Rock1967Slow96BPM4:02
The Tiffany ShadeXXXNot Worth The Pain Psych Rock1967Medium138BPM3:09
The Tiffany ShadeXXXOne Good Reason Psych Rock1967Medium112BPM2:21
The Tiffany ShadeXXXSam Psych Rock1967Medium115BPM5:19
The Tiffany ShadeXXXWould You Take My Mind Out For A Walk Psych Rock1967Medium132BPM2:21
Tony GeeXXXFreeze Rock & Roll1962Medium121BPM2:15
Tony GeeXXXIron Box Rock & Roll1962Medium127BPM2:21
War BabiesXXXSo Little Time Rock & Roll1965Medium135BPM2:27
Wayne RobinsonXXXCuttin' Heads Rock and Roll1962Fast140BPM2:20
Wayne WorleyXXXTo Be Alone Rock & Roll1961Medium122BPM2:18
WildflowerXXXBaby Dear Psych Rock1967Fast140BPM2:21
WildflowerXXXCoffee Cup Psych Rock1967Slow95BPM2:18
WildflowerXXXJump In Psych Rock1967Medium128BPM2:47
WildflowerXXXWind Dream Psych Rock1967Slow94BPM2:15