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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1962
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
After HoursXXXAbdul The Cool World Music1962Medium116BPM2:16
After HoursXXXAlibaba World Music1961Medium125BPM2:13
After HoursXXXBabalo World Music1961Medium115BPM2:12
After HoursXXXBig Egypt World Music1961Slow100BPM3:10
After HoursXXXBounce One Ounce World Music1961Fast140BPM2:57
After HoursXXXBubbles and Anklets World Music1961Medium2:12
After HoursXXXCobbed De Torros World Music1961Medium115BPM2:35
After HoursXXXDance Of The Beggars World Music1961Medium126BPM2:37
After HoursXXXDancing Maiden World Music1961Medium115BPM1:52
After HoursXXXDancing Maiden Of Port Said World Music1961Medium129BPM2:15
After HoursXXXDengozo Samba World Music1961Medium126BPM1:42
After HoursXXXDesert Love World Music1961Medium120BPM2:08
After HoursXXXEspana World Music1961Medium120BPM1:49
After HoursXXXFairwell Port Said World Music1961Slow112BPM2:31
After HoursXXXId World Music1961Medium130BPM1:57
After HoursXXXJabanera World Music1961Medium133BPM2:26
After HoursXXXLa Empera World Music1961Medium130BPM2:46
After HoursXXXLa Espagnola World Music1961Medium131BPM2:17
After HoursXXXLa Malaguena World Music1961Slow111BPM2:05
After HoursXXXMama Jazz World Music1961Medium135BPM1:56
After HoursXXXRebecca From Mecca World Music1961Medium120BPM2:40
After HoursXXXRejaz World Music1961Medium116BPM2:16
After HoursXXXSabras Quiero World Music1961Slow100BPM2:31
After HoursXXXSalami's Dance World Music1961Medium135BPM4:30
After HoursXXXVeronica World Music1961Fast140BPM2:35
After HoursXXXWiggles and Giggles World Music1961Medium135BPM1:31
Al CaiolaXXXChitarea Roma Italia Guitar Inst.1964Slow92BPM2:26
Al CaiolaXXXComo Prima Italia Guitar Inst.1964Slow95BPM2:05
Al CaiolaXXXLa Golondrina World Music1965Slow100BPM2:36
Al CaiolaXXXLa Paloma World Music1965Medium110BPM2:23
Al CaiolaXXXNights Of Splendor Italia Guitar Inst.1964Slow105BPM2:18
Al CaiolaXXXReturn To Sorraito Italia Guitar Inst.1964Medium128BPM2:18
Al CaiolaXXXTarantella Italia Guitar Inst.1964Fast140BPM1:54
Al CaiolaXXXThe Woodpecker Song Italia Guitar Inst.1964Medium114BPM1:59
Al CaiolaXXXTorero Italia Guitar Inst.1964Medium120BPM1:28
Al CaiolaXXXYou're Breaking My Heart Italia Guitar Inst.1964Slow95BPM2:34
Angelo Di PippoXXXFenetra Che Lucive World Music1960Slow82BPM2:51
Angelo Di PippoXXXLa Migliavacca World Music1962Medium124BPM1:50
Angelo Di PippoXXXLa Musette World Music1960Slow89BPM2:14
Angelo Di PippoXXXLa Sernade World Music1962Fast147BPM2:06
Angelo Di PippoXXXLa Zingana World Music1960Slow119BPM1:48
Angelo Di PippoXXXLedera World Music1960Slow91BPM2:29
Angelo Di PippoXXXMedley: Romeo And Juliet/Nutcracker World Music1962Medium135BPM2:50
Angelo Di PippoXXXMinute Waltz World Music1960Fast140BPM1:48
Angelo Di PippoXXXMona World Music1962Fast140BPM3:09
Angelo Di PippoXXXO Marienello World Music1960Slow77BPM2:58
Angelo Di PippoXXXPolka Milanese World Music1960Medium126BPM1:54
Angelo Di PippoXXXSerenade World Music1962Medium117BPM2:18
Angelo Di PippoXXXSong Of India World Music1962Medium138BPM2:54
Angelo Di PippoXXXTarantella Palermitano World Music1960Medium135BPM2:26
Angelo Di PippoXXXWaltz Of Love World Music1964Medium124BPM1:56
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXBroiges Tanz Hora Jewish Wedding1963Medium140BPM3:15
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXDanny's Polka Jewish Wedding/Polka1963Fast140BPM2:10
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXDie Green Koseene Jewish Wedding/cha-cha1963Medium132BPM2:44
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXM'Zinka Tanz; Hava Nagila Jewish Wedding1963Medium/Fast141BPM3:28
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXMazurka Polka World Music1963Medium139BPM2:03
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXMontes Czardas Jewish Wedding1963Slow86BPM3:38
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXMyim Jewish Wedding1964Fast141BPM2:03
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXPolka Mazurka Jewish Wedding/Polka1963Medium140BPM2:03
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXTumbalalaika Jewish Wedding1964Medium125BPM2:43
Danny Albert and His OrchestraXXXYoshke Jewish Wedding1964Slow90BPM2:57
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXAetos Tsssamikos Dance Greek Dance1965Medium112BPM4:09
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXBalos Dance Greek Dance1965Medium130BPM3:19
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXCanarini (Syrto) Greek Dance1964Fast145BPM3:42
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXHaspapiko Greek Dance1965Fast142BPM3:46
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXHot and Sweet Greek Dance1964Medium136BPM2:40
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXKalamatiano #1 Greek Dance1965Medium136BPM3:14
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXMama A Mou Me Demi Greek Dance1965Medium120BPM4:34
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXMia Githaritsa Greek Dance1965Slow89BPM3:13
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXNai-Nai Greek Dance1964Fast152BPM4:19
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXOglan Oglan Greek Dance1964Fast144BPM2:20
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXSamiotisa Greek Dance1965Medium135BPM4:22
Demitri and His Ensemble/ Gregory and His EnsembleXXXVangelio Greek Dance1965Medium131BPM3:54
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXBalos Dance Greek Dance1964Medium125BPM3:19
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXButcher's Dance Greek Dance1964Fast139BPM2:16
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXDiamanto Greek Dance1964Slow112BPM2:46
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXEna Duo Tria Greek Dance1964Slow90BPM1:58
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXGretan Dance Greek Dance1964Medium132BPM2:59
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXHaspatikos Greek Dance1964Medium130BPM3:46
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXO Amaxas Greek Dance1964Slow93BPM2:45
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXPolitikos Syrto Greek Dance1964Medium132BPM2:01
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXThe Boat Song Of Hios Greek Dance1964Fast141BPM2:59
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXThe Flower Of Monemvacy Greek Dance1964Fast140BPM2:45
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXTsife Telli Greek Dance1964Medium125BPM2:49
Dmitri & His EnsembleXXXZeimpekiki Dance Greek Dance1964Slow107BPM2:28
Dominic CorteseXXXCaio Caio Barrbina World Music1960Medium1:58
Dominic CorteseXXXChella lia World Music1960Medium/Fast1:54
Dominic CorteseXXXCore 'ngrato World Music1960Slow101BPM4:32
Dominic CorteseXXXGina World Music1960Fast140BPM2:19
Dominic CorteseXXXGuaglione World Music1962Slow103BPM2:24
Dominic CorteseXXXLa Danza World Music1962Fast144BPM2:10
Dominic CorteseXXXPolka Serenade World Music1960Medium125BPM3:28
Dominic CorteseXXXScapriciatiello World Music1960Slow111BPM2:57
Dominic CorteseXXXTorna A Sorriento World Music1960Slow80BPM3:22
Dominic CorteseXXXVil Volo Angeli World Music1960Medium125BPM2:26
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXBurz Waltz German Dance1965Medium131BPM3:31
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXGrandmother's Birthday German Dance1964Medium120BPM2:27
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXIn A Cool Place German Dance1964Medium117BPM2:47
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXLet's Be Happy Polka World Music1964Medium132BPM2:51
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXLiepzig Polka German Dance1964Medium115BPM2:37
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXOh, Isabella German Dance1964Slow86BPM2:38
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXThe Faithful Husser German Dance1964Medium112BPM3:36
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXThe Friday Polka German Dance1964Medium122BPM2:14
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXThe Hunter From Kurpflaz German Dance1964Slow104BPM2:41
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXThe Merry Musician German Dance1964Slow90BPM2:45
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXTraume Waltz German Dance1964Medium121BPM2:50
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXUpidee German Dance1964Slow90BPM2:26
Erik Braun and his OrchestraXXXWandering Song German Dance1964Slow108BPM2:32
Giuseppe CaianiXXXAnna World Music1962Slow88BPM3:37
Giuseppe CaianiXXXLa Strada Forada World Music1962Slow92BPM2:00
Giuseppe CaianiXXXMala Femina World Music1962Slow80BPM2:55
Giuseppe CaianiXXXMamma World Music1962Medium118BPM2:57
Giuseppe CaianiXXXMedley La Traviata World Music1962Slow102BPM2:54
Giuseppe CaianiXXXMia Mazurka World Music1962Medium115BPM2:38
Giuseppe CaianiXXXMunasterio Alla Festa Va World Music1962Slow88BPM2:50
Giuseppe CaianiXXXMusetta Waltz World Music1962Slow92BPM3:09
Giuseppe CaianiXXXO Sole Mio World Music1962Slow108BPM2:13
Giuseppe CaianiXXXPizzaiola World Music1962Medium132BPM2:24
Giuseppe CaianiXXXSanta Lucia World Music1962Slow75BPM2:22
Giuseppe CaianiXXXSummer Time In Venice World Music1962Medium115BPM2:11
Hugo MontenegroXXXEspana Cani Latin/Dance1960Medium125BPM3:01
Hugo MontenegroXXXLa Paloma Latin/Dance1961Medium/Fast120BPM2:31
Hugo MontenegroXXXLa Paloma Latin/Dance1961Medium/Fast120BPM2:31
Hugo MontenegroXXXLa Panse World Music1964Medium/Fast115BPM2:14
Hugo MontenegroXXXMacarenas Toreador Latin/Dance1960Medium120BPM3:09
Hugo MontenegroXXXVerdeales (Mucho) Latin/Dance1960Medium124BPM3:40
Joe CainXXXAddio Del Passato Italia Guitar Inst.1964Slow96BPM3:18
Joe CainXXXChunga Uruha Chunga Latin/Dance1963Medium140BPM1:58
Joe CainXXXDi Provenza Italia Guitar Inst.1964Slow75BPM2:49
Joe CainXXXEspana Cani Latin/Dance1962Medium130BPM3:01
Joe CainXXXIt's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mambo, Part 1 Latin/Dance1963Medium126BPM2:06
Joe CainXXXIt's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mambo, Part 2 Latin/Dance1963Medium126BPM3:10
Joe CainXXXKauhana Waltz Hula Waltz1962Slow103BPM2:27
Joe CainXXXKenyatta Latin/Dance1963Fast145BPM2:21
Joe CainXXXLa Cumparsita Latin/Dance1962Medium2:27
Joe CainXXXLa Donna e Mobile Italia Guitar Inst.1964Medium112BPM2:03
Joe CainXXXListen, Dos Trompettas Latin/Dance1963Medium125BPM2:46
Joe CainXXXNimella Bella Italia Guitar Inst.1964Medium130BPM2:32
Joe CainXXXO Marinariello Italia Guitar Inst.1964Medium124BPM2:44
Joe CainXXXRio Muni Latin/Dance1963Medium120BPM3:35
Joe CainXXXSweet Daddy (Papa Bajo) Latin/Dance1963Medium111BPM2:25
John BerberianXXXArabava Mid-East-Oud1964Fast140BPM4:52
John BerberianXXXAzziza Oud/Mid-East1964Fast140BPM3:42
John BerberianXXXBasha Bella Mid-East-Oud1964Slow96BPM4:39
John BerberianXXXCzage Bunce Mid-East-Oud1964Slow109BPM3:51
John BerberianXXXLaz Mid-East-Oud1964Medium112BPM4:23
John BerberianXXXNubar Nubar Mid-East-Oud1964Slow95BPM4:01
John BerberianXXXRast Sazsemi Oud/Mid-East1964Medium132BPM5:34
John BerberianXXXRast Taksim Oud/Mid-East1964Slow96BPM3:51
John BerberianXXXSevan 5/4 Oud/Mid-East1964Fast143BPM4:03
John BerberianXXXSiseler Oud/Mid-East1964Medium115BPM6:02
John BerberianXXXSiseler Oud/Mid-East1964Medium115BPM6:02
John BerberianXXXTaksim Oud/Mid-East1964Slow98BPM3:51
John BerberianXXXTaksim Oud/Mid-East1964Slow96BPM4:58
John BerberianXXXWryek Oud/Mid-East1964Medium131BPM5:38
John BerberianXXXWryek Mid-East-Oud1964Medium131BPM5:38
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXHora Staccato World Music1960Fast158BPM2:01
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXHungarian Dance World Music1960Medium136BPM2:08
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXDer Gute Kamerad German Dance1964Medium113BPM1:34
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXDer Krahwinkler Landstorm German Dance1964Medium112BPM2:22
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXDr. Eisenhart German Dance1964Medium124BPM1:53
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXDu, Du, Liegst In Herzen German Dance1964Medium120BPM2:38
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXMedley: Ca, Ca, Geschmauset; Ach Ach Du Libber; Augustin German Dance1964Slow108BPM2:43
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXMedley: Dermai lst Gekommen; Wenn Ich Ein Boglein War; Drunien German Dance1964Slow80BPM3:01
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXMedley: Igitur; Hans Ind Lisel German Dance1964Medium124BPM3:05
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXMedley: Kommt A Vogerl; Geflocen; Meilo, Meilo German Dance1964Slow75BPM3:14
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXMedley: Schlaf Kimdchen Schlaf, Muss I Dunn Zum;Stadtle Hinaus German Dance1964Medium120BPM2:42
Kurt Englehop and OrchestraXXXZu Lauterbach German Dance1964Slow79BPM2:51
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXEspana Cani Latin/Dance1965Medium130BPM3:38
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXLa Golondrina World Music1961Slow100BPM4:14
Richard Hayman & The Manhattan PopsXXXFandango Latin/Dance1962Fast148BPM3:45
Richard Hayman & The Manhattan PopsXXXII Cielo En Una Stanza World Music1960Slow2:51
Richard Hayman & The Manhattan PopsXXXTarantella World1965Fast150BPM2:13
The Hula Hula BoysXXXFlowers of Love Hawaii Music1964Slow84BPM3:20
The Hula Hula BoysXXXHawaiian Queen Hawaii Music1964Medium113BPM2:38
The Hula Hula BoysXXXHula Medley (Mani Wale Ka; Mahina; Memeana E Meleana;Hoi; Wahine U'l) Hawaii Music1964Medium120BPM3:06
The Hula Hula BoysXXXKokohi Hawaii Music1964Medium126BPM2:29
The Hula Hula BoysXXXMahina Malamalama Hawaii Music1964Medium116BPM2:42
The Hula Hula BoysXXXMolokae Molokai Hawaii Music1964Slow105BPM2:28
The Hula Hula BoysXXXPua-o-Hawaii Hawaii Music1964Slow93BPM2:58
The Hula Hula BoysXXXStanding At The Harbor Hawaii Music1964Slow84BPM2:42
The Slap Key KingsXXXAloha Oe Hawaii Music1964Slow88BPM2:49
The Slap Key KingsXXXHiilawe Hawaii Music1964Medium135BPM3:10
The Slap Key KingsXXXKamaha Waltz Hawaii Music1964Slow103BPM2:22
The Slap Key KingsXXXMaui Girl Hawaii Music1964Slow104BPM3:03
The Slap Key KingsXXXNa Waka Hawaii Music1964Medium130BPM2:10
The Slap Key KingsXXXWiki Wiki Hawaii Music1964Slow100BPM2:10