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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1960
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Booker LittleXXXBee Tee's Minor Plea Straight Jazz1960Slow76BPM5:41
Booker LittleXXXMinor Sweet Straight Jazz1960Slow108BPM5:41
Booker LittleXXXOpening Statement Straight Jazz1960Medium105BPM6:43
Bourbon Street StompersXXXAfter The Ball/ Many Happy Returns of the Day Dixieland Jazz1963Medium101BPM2:56
Bourbon Street StompersXXXBeautiful Dreamer Dixieland Jazz1963Slow75BPM2:43
Bourbon Street StompersXXXBill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home Dixieland Jazz1963Slow91BPM2:41
Bourbon Street StompersXXXCarry Me Back To Old Virginny / Kentucky Babe / Cotton Fields Dixieland Jazz1963Medium118BPM3:40
Bourbon Street StompersXXXDown By The Riverside Dixieland Jazz1963Medium91BPM2:37
Bourbon Street StompersXXXI Don't Care / Hello My Baby Dixieland Jazz1963Medium116BPM2:57
Bourbon Street StompersXXXI Dream of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair Dixieland Jazz1963Slow100BPM2:14
Bourbon Street StompersXXXI've Been Working On The Railroad Dixieland Jazz1963Fast155BPM2:01
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMaple Leaf Rag Dixieland Jazz1963Medium120BPM2:36
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMoon Over Miami Dixieland Jazz1963Medium115BPM1:57
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMy Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/ My Gal Sal/ Ida Sweet as Apple Cider Dixieland Jazz1963Medium101BPM2:20
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMy Old Kentucky Home Dixieland Jazz1963Medium128BPM2:03
Bourbon Street StompersXXXOh Susanna / Camptown Races Dixieland Jazz1963Medium110BPM3:09
Bourbon Street StompersXXXRing, Ring De Banjo Dixieland Jazz1963Fast145BPM2:00
Bourbon Street StompersXXXSwanee River Dixieland Jazz1963Medium112BPM2:14
Bourbon Street StompersXXXWait 'till the Sun Shines Nellie Dixieland Jazz1963Medium110BPM2:17
Bourbon Street StompersXXXWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen / While The Years Go Drifting By Dixieland Jazz1963Slow85BPM3:10
DoDo GreenXXXHold On Jazz/Pop/Vocal1959Medium130BPM2:17
DoDo GreenXXXTell Me Jazz/Pop/Vocal1959Slow109BPM2:31
Gordon Jenkins & OrchestraXXXFascination Jazz Orch1962Fast162BPM2:40
Irving JosephXXXApril in Brownsville Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium122BPM3:01
Irving JosephXXXBad Day In Brooklyn Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium125BPM1:58
Irving JosephXXXCrime Wave Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Fast146BPM3:37
Irving JosephXXXDouble Cross Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium130BPM3:33
Irving JosephXXXMurder, Inc Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium140BPM2:54
Irving JosephXXXPrison Break Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium130BPM2:43
Irving JosephXXXStates Evidence Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium140BPM2:09
Irving JosephXXXStool Pigeon Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium115BPM2:19
Irving JosephXXXThe Big Six Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium118BPM2:56
Irving JosephXXXThe Contract Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium132BPM2:36
Irving JosephXXXThird Degree Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Fast146BPM1:36
Irving JosephXXXWe The Jury Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium115BPM2:52
Joe CainXXXChunga, Uhurah, Chunga Latin Jazz1963Medium129BPM1:58
Joe CainXXXOue Paso Latin Jazz1963Medium135BPM2:52
Kelso HerstonXXXCarry Me Back To Old Virginny / Kentucky Babe / Cotton Fields Dixieland Jazz1963Medium129BPM3:51
Kenny DorhamXXXA Waltz Straight Jazz1960Fast155BPM5:34
Kenny DorhamXXXA Waltz (Alt. Version) Straight Jazz1960Slow87BPM5:37
Max RoachXXXOld Folks Straight Jazz1959Medium105BPM4:19
Max RoachXXXOld Folks (alt. version) Straight Jazz1959Medium102BPM4:31
Max RoachXXXPies Of Quincy Straight Jazz1959Medium117BPM3:23
Max RoachXXXSadiga Straight Jazz1959Medium121BPM6:34
Max RoachXXXSadiga Jazz Inst.1959Medium121BPM5:51
Max RoachXXXTuba de Nod Straight Jazz1959Medium105BPM3:59
Max RoachXXXVariations On The Scene Straight Jazz1959Medium136BPM5:41
Sonny ClarkXXXBlues Blue Straight Jazz1960Slow111BPM4:26
Sonny ClarkXXXBlues Blue (Alt. Version) Straight Jazz1960Fast107BPM7:35
Sonny ClarkXXXBlues Mambo Straight Jazz1960Fast135BPM5:02
Sonny ClarkXXXJunka Straight Jazz1960Fast124BPM6:18
Sonny ClarkXXXJunka (Alt. Version) Straight Jazz1960Medium109BPM5:01
Sonny ClarkXXXSonia Straight Jazz1960Fast122BPM5:16
Sonny ClarkXXXSonia (Alt.Version) Straight Jazz1960Fast140BPM7:22
Stanley TurrentineXXXLet's Groove Straight Jazz1960Medium100BPM6:00
Stanley TurrentineXXXMild Is The Mood Straight Jazz1960Fast140BPM4:59
Stanley TurrentineXXXMinor Mood Straight Jazz1960Medium106BPM5:10
Stanley TurrentineXXXSheri Straight Jazz1960Medium106BPM4:48
Terry GibbsXXXBoll Weevil Jazz1963Slow88BPM5:47
Terry GibbsXXXDown By The Riverside Jazz1963Medium139BPM4:14
Terry GibbsXXXGreensleeves Jazz1963Slow84BPM4:01
Terry GibbsXXXJohn Henry Jazz1963Medium116BPM3:18
Terry GibbsXXXJoshua Jazz1963Medium138BPM3:20
Terry GibbsXXXMichael, Row The Boat Ashore Jazz1963Medium132BPM4:18
Terry GibbsXXXPolly, Wolly Doodle All Day Jazz1963Medium135BPM2:51
Terry GibbsXXXSam Hall Jazz1963Slow79BPM3:47
Terry GibbsXXXTom Dooley Jazz1963Medium137BPM4:25
Terry GibbsXXXWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home Again Jazz1963Medium138BPM4:20
Tommy TurrentineXXXBlues For J.P. Straight Jazz1959Medium115BPM9:09