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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1960
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Hugo MontenegroXXXIn The Hall Of The Mountain King Classical Orch1961Fast144BPM3:27
Jerry FieldingXXXBelieve Me/Those Endearing Young Charms/I Know Where I'm Going Classical Orch1961Slow101BPM4:02
Jerry FieldingXXXMedley: If I Were A Blackbird / When Irish Eyes Classical Orch1961Slow118BPM2:21
Jerry FieldingXXXMedley: Kerry Dance / Irish Washerwoman Classical Orch1961Slow100BPM3:10
Jerry FieldingXXXMedley: Macnamara's Band/ Stack o' Barley Classical Orch1961Medium116BPM2:46
Jerry FieldingXXXMedley: Maids of Naurne Shore/Where The River Shannon Flows/Rose Of Tralee/Killarney/Molly Malone/Dear Old Donegal/Londonderry A Classical Orch1961Slow112BPM17:38
Jerry FieldingXXXMedley: Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra / Mother Machree Classical Orch1961Slow101BPM2:08
Jerry FieldingXXXMedley: Wearing Of The Green / Minstrel Boy Classical Orch1961Slow115BPM2:43
Jerry FieldingXXXRitual Fire Dance (From El Amor Brujo) Classical Orch1961Medium/Fast140BPM3:19
Jerry FieldingXXXThe Magic Circle (From El Amor Brujo) Classical Orch1961Slow110BPM2:34
Jerry FieldingXXXWhen The Saints Go Marching In Classical Orch1961Fast145BPM3:25
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXDark Eyes Classic Strings1960Slow101BPM2:07
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXGolden Earrings Classic Strings1960Slow80BPM2:53
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXGypsy Dance Classic Strings1960Medium135BPM2:43
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXHora Staccato Classic Strings1960Fast158BPM2:01
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXHungarian Dance Classic Strings1960Medium136BPM2:08
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXLonely Strings Classic Strings1960Fast158BPM1:58
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXMariska Classic Strings1960Slow89BPM2:40
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXPlay Fiddle Play Classic Strings1960Slow70BPM2:06
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXRasposcholl Classic Strings1960Varies76BPM1:55
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXSorrow Classic Strings1960Slow93BPM2:07
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXTwo Guitars Classic Strings1960Medium117BPM3:01
Kermit Leslie & OrchestraXXXWhen A Gypsy Makes A Violin Cry Classic Strings1960Medium117BPM2:50
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXAcceleration Waltz Classical Waltz1962Medium128BPM3:16
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXBlue Danube Classical Waltz1961Medium122BPM9:22
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXDie Fiedermaus Classical Waltz1962Medium122BPM2:43
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXEmperor Waltz Classical Waltz1961Medium118BPM8:14
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXFascination Classical Waltz1962Medium113BPM2:12
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXL'Estudiantina Classical Waltz1962Fast140BPM2:44
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXMy Reverie Classic Strings1960Slow108BPM3:39
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXRoses From The South Classical Waltz1961Medium124BPM9:04
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXTales From The Vienna Woods Classical Waltz1961Medium121BPM9:53
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXThe Blue Danube Classical Waltz1962Slow95BPM4:25
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXThe Emperor Waltz Classical Waltz1961Medium118BPM8:14
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXThe Gold And Silver Waltz Classical Waltz1962Slow101BPM2:56
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXThe Skaters Waltz Classical Waltz1962Medium111BPM3:26
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXThe Waves Of The Danube Classical Waltz1962Slow90BPM2:49
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXWaltz Of The Flowers Classical Waltz1962Medium131BPM3:47
Manhattan Pops OrchestraXXXWine, Women And Song Classical Waltz1962Medium122BPM2:53
Richard Hayman & The Manhattan PopsXXXFandango Classic Strings1962Fast148BPM3:45
Stanley WilsonXXXBlue Danube Classical Waltz1961Fast155BPM4:25
Stanley WilsonXXXChampagne Waltz Classical Waltz1961Medium124BPM2:35
Stanley WilsonXXXDance At The Bougival Classical Waltz1961Medium138BPM4:39
Stanley WilsonXXXDiane Classical Waltz1961Medium118BPM2:37
Stanley WilsonXXXDie Fiedermaus Classical Waltz1961Medium/Fast138BPM2:45
Stanley WilsonXXXFascination Classical Waltz1961Slow85BPM2:49
Stanley WilsonXXXTales From The Vienna Woods Classical Waltz1961Fast142BPM9:53
Stanley WilsonXXXVilia Classical Waltz1961Medium120BPM2:12
Virgil FoxXXXClair De Lune - Debussy Classical Pipe Organ1960Medium138BPM7:11
Virgil FoxXXXGiga Classical Pipe Organ1960Medium135BPM2:45
Virgil FoxXXXJ. S. Bach - Abide With Us, Lord Jesus Classical Pipe Organ1960Spoken75BPM6:26
Virgil FoxXXXJ. S. Bach - Adorn Thyself, O My Soul Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow95BPM3:26
Virgil FoxXXXJ. S. Bach - My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord Classical Pipe Organ1960Medium114BPM4:29
Virgil FoxXXXJ. S. Bach - Praise To The Lord Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow98BPM4:43
Virgil FoxXXXJ.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow98BPM8:56
Virgil FoxXXXJongen - Toccata Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow120BPM9:25
Virgil FoxXXXLiszt - Fantasia And Fugue On The Chorale Classical Pipe Organ1960Fast153BPM7:14
Virgil FoxXXXLitanes Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow112BPM7:13
Virgil FoxXXXO God Our Help In Ages Past Classical Pipe Organ1960
Virgil FoxXXXSuite, Opus #5 - Prelude Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow122BPM8:38
Virgil FoxXXXSuite, Opus #5, Sicilienne Classical Pipe Organ1960Slow118BPM8:38
Virgil FoxXXXSuite, Opus #5, Toccata Classical Pipe Organ1960Medium145BPM8:38
Virgil FoxXXXWagner - Prelude And Liebestod From Tristan Und Isolde Classical Pipe Organ1960Medium24:49