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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1960
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Billy May & His OrchestraXXXBalloons** Big Band Orch1962Medium131BPM2:21
Billy May & His OrchestraXXXLong Gone Big Band Orch1961Medium136BPM2:37
Billy May & His OrchestraXXXNaked Isle Big Band Orch1962Medium118BPM3:12
Billy May & His OrchestraXXXOglan Oglan(Goodness)** Big Band Orch1962Medium132BPM2:06
Bob RosengardenXXXBongolina Big Band Orch1961Fast141BPM2:05
Bob RosengardenXXXMonterrey Big Band Orch1961Fast140BPM2:09
Bob RosengardenXXXYankee Doodle Bongo Big Band Orch1961Fast140BPM2:11
Charlie BarnetXXXBoomerang Big Band Jazz1961Medium138BPM3:29
Charlie BarnetXXXRabble Rouser Big Band Jazz1961Fast140BPM2:17
Hugo MontenegroXXXFantasy Impromptu Big Band Orch1961Fast155BPM3:26
Hugo MontenegroXXXHaving A Call Big Band1960Medium2:16
Hugo MontenegroXXXIn The Hall Of The Mountain King Big Band Orch1961Fast144BPM3:27
Hugo MontenegroXXXL'Arlesienne Fantasy Big Band1960Medium3:30
Hugo MontenegroXXXMacarenas Toreador Big Band1960Medium120BPM3:09
Hugo MontenegroXXXSwanee River Boogie Big Band1960Medium130BPM2:19
Hugo MontenegroXXXWin Win Boogie Big Band1962Slow116BPM2:23
Jim TylerXXXEmpty Jug Big Band Orch1961Medium120BPM2:13
Jim TylerXXXPin Point Percussion (Hurry Up) Big Band Orch1961Medium130BPM2:42
Jim TylerXXXRunaway (2000 Paris Road) Big Band Orch1961Medium128BPM2:51
Jim TylerXXXSometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Big Band Orch1961Medium122BPM2:22