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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1960
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Bertha TillmanXXXI Wish Rock and Roll1962Slow98BPM2:44
Bertha TillmanXXXLovin' Time Rock & Roll1962Medium132BPM2:21
Bertha TillmanXXXOh My Angel Rock & Roll1962Slow96BPM2:21
Bertha TillmanXXXSomething Funny Is Going On Rock & Roll1962Medium120BPM2:31
Big Five & The Fabulous FlamesXXXBlue Eyes Rock & Roll1960Slow96BPM1:58
Big Five & The Fabulous FlamesXXXStardust In Her Eyes Rock and Roll1960Medium128BPM2:07
Big PeteXXXBakaruda Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium138BPM2:34
Big PeteXXXBig Pete Rock and Roll1961Medium135BPM2:24
Bill CollinsXXXBorder Beat Rock and Roll1961Medium135BPM2:35
Bill CollinsXXXUpturn Rock & Roll1962Fast135BPM2:05
Bill CollinsXXXUpturn Rock & Roll Inst1959Medium117BPM2:05
Brad and JerryXXXPeople Hater Rock & Roll1959Medium90BPM2:20
Buddy Clinton and the BelmontsXXXAcross The Street From Your House Rock & Roll1959Medium120BPM1:52
CashmenXXXGuitar Inst #3 Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium128BPM2:28
CashmenXXXGuitar Inst#1 Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium128BPM2:26
CashmenXXXGuitar Inst#2 Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium128BPM2:12
CashmenXXXIntruder Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium130BPM2:34
CashmenXXXThe Cobra Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium129BPM1:56
ChancellorsXXXStraightaway Rock and Roll1962Medium115BPM1:44
ChancellorsXXXUp Side Down Rock and Roll1962Medium122BPM1:45
ChancellorsXXXUp Side Down Rock & Roll1962Medium122BPM1:45
ChrystalsXXXGypsy Ribbon Rock & Roll1960Medium121BPM2:53
ChrystalsXXXMalaguena Rock and Roll1960Medium130BPM2:27
Chuck and ChucklesXXXBury The Hatchet Rock & Roll1959Fast133BPM2:37
Clyde GaryXXXChestnut Drive Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium132BPM2:13
Clyde GaryXXXTami's Dance Rock & Roll1960Medium135BPM1:49
Corki RayXXXJohnny And The Tag A Long Rock & Roll1963Slow90BPM2:28
DialsXXXThe Froggie Rock & Roll1961Fast152BPM1:01
Don JordanXXXHypnotized Rock & Roll1959Medium125BPM2:02
Eddie QuinterosXXXCome Dance With Me Rock & Roll1959Medium120BPM1:57
Eddie QuinterosXXXLindy Lou Rock & Roll1960Fast162BPM1:28
Eddie QuinterosXXXSlow Down Sandy Rock & Roll1960Fast160BPM2:18
Eddie QuinterosXXXVivian Rock and Roll1959Slow80BPM2:08
Five CountsXXXSpanish Nights Rock & Roll Inst1960Medium115BPM2:19
Five CountsXXXWatermelon Walk Rock & Roll Inst1960Medium117BPM2:25
Gary LeeXXXThey Don't See Rock & Roll1962Medium130BPM1:51
Gary LeeXXXWhy Rock & Roll1962Slow80BPM2:07
Hal SingerXXXHula Hoop Rock Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium121BPM1:54
Hugo MontenegroXXXWin Win Boogie Boogie1962Slow116BPM2:23
James ChurchXXXTeenage Baby Rock & Roll1958Medium135BPM2:21
Jody ReynoldsXXXGolden Sea Rock & Roll1963Slow91BPM5:35
Jody ReynoldsXXXRobbing The Cradle Rock & Roll1963Medium115BPM2:14
Johnny LanceXXXAll About Julie Rock & Roll1963Medium120BPM2:12
Johnny LanceXXXBig Tragedy Rock & Roll1963Medium118BPM1:57
Lee GreenleeXXXStarlight Rock & Roll1959Medium121BPM2:20
Leon RussellXXXBarracuda Rock & Roll1963Fast150BPM2:31
Leslie HarrisXXXCome On Little Sarah Rock & Roll1959Medium139BPM2:06
Leslie HarrisXXXI Hung My Head And Cried Rock & Roll1959Fast141BPM1:52
Lou ReedXXXMerry Go Round Rock & Roll1958Medium141BPM2:06
Lou ReedXXXYour Love Rock & Roll1958Slow76BPM2:05
Marty GinoXXXI Was It Rock & Roll1961Medium135BPM1:25
Marty GinoXXXProtect My Love Rock & Roll1961Slow100BPM1:37
Mighty JupitersXXXYour Love Rock & Roll1959Medium122BPM2:32
O.C. And The HolidaysXXXThe Tuttle Rock and Roll1958Medium124BPM2:33
O.C. And The HolidaysXXXWatch That Action Rock and Roll1958Fast140BPM2:34
Path FindersXXXBoss Walk Rock & Roll1962Medium117BPM2:16
Rusty IsabelXXXFirewater Rock & Roll1959Fast144BPM2:07
Rusty IsabelXXXI Give Up Rock and Roll1959Medium124BPM1:50
Rusty IsabelXXXMan Hunt Rock and Roll1959Medium122BPM2:10
Rusty IsabelXXXThe Blast Rock & Roll Inst1959Fast160BPM1:59
Skip and FlipXXXDoubt Rock & Roll1962Medium130BPM2:42
Skip and FlipXXXFancy Nancy Rock & Roll1959Medium144BPM1:52
Skip and FlipXXXHully Gully Cha Cha Cha Rock & Roll1962Medium106BPM2:41
Skip and FlipXXXIt Could Be Rock & Roll1959Medium115BPM2:30
Skip and FlipXXXLunch Hour Rock & Roll1960Fast140BPM1:47
The ArgylesXXXVacation Days Are Over Rock & Roll1959Medium93BPM2:14
The Beau MarksXXXClap Your Hands Rock & Roll1960Medium123BPM2:01
The Beau MarksXXXOh Joan Rock & Roll1961Medium130BPM2:33
The Beau MarksXXXRockin' Blues Rock & Roll1961Fast160BPM1:59
The Bell NotesXXXBaby You Flip Me Rock & Roll1959Medium120BPM1:54
The Bell NotesXXXBe Mine Rock & Roll1958Medium140BPM2:23
The Bell NotesXXXBetty Dear (Inst) Rock & Roll Inst1959128BPM2:35
The Bell NotesXXXDream Street Rock & Roll1959Medium119BPM2:35
The Bell NotesXXXDream Street (Inst) Rock & Roll Inst1959Medium119BPM2:39
The Bell NotesXXXI've Had It Rock & Roll1958Fast149BPM2:42
The Bell NotesXXXNo Dice Rock & Roll1959Fast125BPM1:55
The Bell NotesXXXOld Spanish Town Rock & Roll1958Slow105BPM2:17
The Bell NotesXXXSad Guitar Rock & Roll1959Slow105BPM2:10
The Bell NotesXXXSad Guitar (Inst) Rock & Roll Inst1959Slow109BPM2:14
The Bell NotesXXXStay With Me Rock & Roll1959Medium130BPM2:30
The Bell NotesXXXWhite Buckskin Sneakers and Checkerboard Socks Rock & Roll1959Medium90BPM2:01
The Big TopsXXXI'm In Love Rock & Roll1958Medium138BPM2:21
The Big TopsXXXThe Dance They Did Rock & Roll1958Medium125BPM2:06
The ChevronsXXXDon't Be Heartless Rock & Roll1959Medium100BPM2:26
The ChevronsXXXDon't Be Heartless Rock & Roll1959Slow100BPM2:22
The ChevronsXXXI've Had It/ Little Darlin' Rock & Roll1960Medium137BPM4:34
The ChevronsXXXLullabye Rock & Roll1959Medium131BPM2:22
The ChrystalsXXXGypsy Ribbon Rock & Roll1960Medium121BPM2:53
The DolphinsXXXI Found True Love Rock & Roll1960Slow80BPM2:10
The DolphinsXXXTell Tale Kisses Rock & Roll1960Medium130BPM2:26
The DonaysXXXBad Boy Rock & Roll1962Medium120BPM2:15
The DonaysXXXDevil In His Heart Rock & Roll1962Medium115BPM2:39
The DynamicsXXXA Hundred Million Lies Rock & Roll1958Medium118BPM2:41
The DynamicsXXXKa Joom Rock & Roll1958Slow107BPM2:22
The EmpiresXXXMy Baby Rock & Roll1958Slow70BPM2:19
The Fi-DellsXXXCome Back To Me Rock & Roll1961Medium125BPM2:24
The Fi-DellsXXXNo Other Love (Like Yours) Rock & Roll1961Fast150BPM6:36
The GardeniasXXXI'll Be Seeing You In My Dreams Rock & Roll1958Slow92BPM2:41
The GeniesXXXChicken Necks Rock & Roll1958Fast145BPM2:17
The GeniesXXXS'cuse Me Lady, Watch The Door Rock & Roll1958Fast135BPM2:29
The GeniesXXXWho's That Knockin' Rock & Roll1958Medium114BPM2:16
The Jades feat. Lou Reed and King CurtisXXXLeave Her For Me Rock & Roll1958Slow112BPM2:09
The Jades feat. Lou Reed and King CurtisXXXSo Blue Rock & Roll1958Slow88BPM2:07
The KnockoutsXXXDarling Lorraine Rock & Roll1960Slow108BPM1:59
The KnockoutsXXXJungle Mambo Rock & Roll1960Fast124BPM2:01
The KnockoutsXXXNobody But You Rock & Roll1959Slow125BPM2:27
The KnockoutsXXXPlease Be Mine Rock & Roll1960Medium132BPM2:08
The KnockoutsXXXRich Boy Poor Boy Rock & Roll1960Medium113BPM2:01
The KnockoutsXXXRiot In Room 3C Rock & Roll1960Medium115BPM2:39
The PipelinersXXXBo Bo Diddley Rock & Roll Inst1962Medium135BPM1:48
The PipelinersXXXEl Rubio Rock & Roll Inst1962Medium132BPM2:51
The PipelinersXXXRice and Beans Rock & Roll Inst1962Fast141BPM2:32
The StrollersXXXCrowded Classroom Rock & Roll1958Medium110BPM2:08
The StrollersXXXWe're Strollin Rock & Roll1958Medium122BPM1:57
The Tabby'sXXXMy Darling Rock & Roll1959Slow104BPM2:05
The Tabby'sXXXYes, I Do Rock & Roll1958Medium115BPM2:12
Tony FarrellXXXA Flame In My Heart Rock & Roll1958Slow90BPM2:09
Tony FarrellXXXStumpy Stump Rock & Roll1958Fast145BPM2:09
Tony GeeXXXFreeze Rock & Roll1962Medium121BPM2:15
Tony GeeXXXIron Box Rock & Roll1962Medium127BPM2:21
Wayne RobinsonXXXCuttin' Heads Rock and Roll1962Fast140BPM2:20
Wayne WorleyXXXTo Be Alone Rock & Roll1961Medium122BPM2:18