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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1953
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Alma 'The Lollipop Mama' MondyXXXJob For A Jockey R&B/Boogie1951Fast150BPM2:30
Alma 'The Lollipop Mama' MondyXXXStreetwalkin' Daddy R&B/Blues1952Slow78BPM2:41
Arbee StidhamXXXFeeling Blue And Low R&B/Blues1951Slow80BPM3:31
Arbee StidhamXXXI'm In The Mood R&B/Blues1951Fast145BPM2:28
Arbee StidhamXXXI've Got News For You Baby R&B/Blues1951Fast150BPM2:55
Ben JohnsonXXXPeppers Blues R&B/Blues Inst.1951Slow82BPM2:29
Big Jim WynnXXXWest Coast Lover R&B/Blues1951Slow105BPM2:54
Big Jim Wynn & Robt. (Snake) SimsXXXDog House Blues R&B/Blues1951Slow109BPM3:02
Bill HayesXXXSouth Texas Blues R&B/Blues1951Slow80BPM2:26
Bill Samuel and the Cats In Jammers ThreeXXXJockey Blues R&B/Blues1952Medium117BPM2:38
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXBaby Be There R&B1953Medium130BPM2:43
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXI Love My Baby R&B/Boogie1952Fast144BPM2:28
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXLove No One R&B1952Slow109BPM2:35
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXWhy Oh Why R&B1951Slow92BPM2:16
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXYou Made Me Cry R&B1954Slow86BPM2:45
Bobby HarrisXXXLove, Love, Love R&B/Blues1951Medium121BPM2:43
Bobby Sue & Her FreeloadersXXXIt Takes A Lot Of Love R&B/Blues1952Medium132BPM2:20
Champion Jack DupreeXXXRagged and Hungry R&B/Blues1951Slow85BPM2:37
Champion Jack DupreeXXXSomebody Changed The Locks R&B/Blues1951Medium130BPM2:44
Connie Mac BookerXXXI'll Soon Be Traveling R&B/Blues1951Slow88BPM2:41
Connie Mac BookerXXXOklahoma Baby R&B/Boogie1951Fast147BPM2:53
Donnie McGowanXXXI've Made Up My Mind To Go R&B/Blues1951Slow78BPM2:46
Ed WileyXXXCotton Picker's Blues R&B/Blues Inst.19512:57
Ed WileyXXXCry Cry Baby R&B/Blues1951Slow112BPM2:43
Elmo NixonXXXMillion Dollar Blues R&B1951Slow66BPM2:35
Elmo NixonXXXPlayboy Blues R&B/Blues1951Medium135BPM2:50
Frankie Ervin & Austin McCoyXXXHigh School Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium125BPM2:53
Frankie Ervin & Austin McCoyXXXI'd Rather Be Like A Hermit R&B/Blues1952Medium128BPM2:41
Goree CarterXXXEverybody's Love Crazy R&B/Rock1951Slow82BPM3:20
Goree CarterXXXLet's Rock R&B/Rock1951Medium110BPM2:26
Ike LloydXXXBoogie On The 88 R&B/Boogie1951Fast150BPM2:34
J.D. EdwardsXXXWest Coast Blues R&B/Blues1951Slow105BPM2:54
J.J. JonesXXXBad John pt 1 R&B/Blues1951Medium118BPM3:01
J.J. JonesXXXBad John pt 2 R&B/Blues1951Medium118BPM3:08
James WayneXXXI Falls R&B/Blues1951Medium129BPM3:07
James WayneXXXI'm A Real Gypsy Fellow (Gypsy Blues) R&B/Blues1951Slow102BPM3:08
James WayneXXXJunco Partner R&B/Blues1951Medium124BPM2:28
James WayneXXXMillionaire Blues R&B/Blues1951Slow75BPM3:05
James WayneXXXPlease Baby Please R&B/Blues1951Fast140BPM2:14
James WayneXXXTend To Your Business R&B/Blues-521952Fast144BPM2:30
James WayneXXXTend To Your Business R&B/Blues1951Fast144BPM2:30
James WayneXXXTrying To Find A Girl R&B/Blues1951Medium135BPM2:22
James Wide Mouth BrownXXXBoogie Woogie Nighthawk R&B/Boogie1950Medium128BPM2:25
Joe Papoose FritzXXXBad Women Blues R&B/Rock1951Slow101BPM2:56
Joe Papoose FritzXXXI'm Sorry R&B/Blues1951Slow81BPM2:58
Joe Papoose FritzXXXI've Tried Not To Love You R&B/Rock1951Slow77BPM2:48
Joe Papoose FritzXXXPlease My Darling R&B/Blues1951Slow112BPM3:10
Joe Papoose FritzXXXThey Were Right R&B/Rock1951Fast152BPM2:14
Joyce JacksonXXXBody Rockin Daddy R&B/Blues1952Medium127BPM2:33
Joyce JacksonXXXLonely Blues R&B/Blues1951Medium112BPM2:47
Joyce JacksonXXXLovin' Blues R&B/Blues1952Medium121BPM2:42
L.C. Lightnin' Jr. WilliamsXXXI Don't Want No Woman R&B/Rock1952Medium121BPM3:17
L.C. Lightnin' Jr. WilliamsXXXLouise R&B/Rock1952Slow106BPM3:10
Larry DaleXXXShame, Shame, Shame R&B/Blues1952Slow70BPM2:41
Lee GravesXXXI'm From Texas R&B/Boogie1951Fast145BPM2:02
Lee GravesXXXPapa Said Yes, Mama Said No, No, No R&B/Boogie1951Fast144BPM2:30
Lee GravesXXXSixty Years And A Day R&B/Blues1952Slow95BPM3:00
Leroy DallasXXXGood Morning Blues R&B/Blues1951Medium111BPM2:33
Leroy DallasXXXJump Little Children R&B/Boogie1950Fast148BPM3:45
Leroy DallasXXXSend Up Some Heat R&B/Boogie1950Medium135BPM2:48
Leroy DallasXXXYour Sweet Man Blues R&B/Rock1951Medium112BPM2:17
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXBuck Dance Boogie R&B/Boogie1951Fast141BPM2:38
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXGone With The Wind R&B/Blues1951Fast140BPM2:40
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXGotta Move R&B/Blues1952Fast141BPM2:42
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXHappy New Year (Single) R&B/Blues1952Slow105BPM3:14
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXMad As I Can Be R&B/Blues1952Medium129BPM3:14
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXMerry Christmas Baby R&B/Blues1951Slow105BPM2:51
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXNew York Boogie R&B/Boogie1951Fast150BPM2:48
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXRacetrack Blues R&B/Blues1952Slow90BPM2:37
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXShe's Almost Dead R&B1951Slow92BPM3:39
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXShe's Almost Dead R&B/Blues1951Slow91BPM3:39
Lightnin' HopkinsXXXZologo R&B/Blues1952Medium115BPM2:49
Lonnie LyonsXXXI Need Romance R&B/Blues1950Slow106BPM2:43
Manzie HarrisXXXCool Lovin' Mama R&B/Rock1951Medium138BPM2:41
Manzie HarrisXXXCrying Sighing R&B/Blues1951Slow84BPM2:49
Nelson CarlsonXXXMy Baby Left Me R&B/Blues1951Medium118BPM2:27
Nelson CarterXXXCrazy About My Baby R&B/Boogie1951Fast150BPM2:05
Pat ValdelarXXXRock Me Baby R&B/Rock1952Fast147BPM2:45
Pearl Reeves & The ConcordsXXXI'm Not Ashamed R&B/Blues1951Medium124BPM2:28
Pearl Reeves & The ConcordsXXXYou Can't Stay Here R&B1953Slow90BPM2:41
Peppermint HarrisXXXI Want To See You Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium121BPM3:00
Peppermint HarrisXXXI Want To See You Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium122BPM3:00
Peppermint HarrisXXXShe's My Baby R&B/Blues1951Fast150BPM2:14
Peppermint HarrisXXXShe's My Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium113BPM2:14
Ray CharlesXXXGuitar Blues R&B/Blues1951Slow85BPM2:37
Ray CharlesXXXI Found My Baby R&B/Blues1951Slow85BPM3:32
Ray CharlesXXXI Found My Baby R&B/Blues1951Slow85BPM3:32
Ray CharlesXXXRoly Poly R&B/Blues1951Slow80BPM2:35
Ray CharlesXXXRoly Poly R&B/Blues1951Slow80BPM2:35
Ray CharlesXXXSt. Pete Florida R&B/Blues1951Slow85BPM3:32
Ray CharlesXXXWhy did you go? R&B/Blues1951Slow88BPM2:49
Ray JohnsonXXXBoogie The Blues R&B/Boogie1951Medium132BPM2:49
Ray JohnsonXXXI'll Never Let You Go R&B/Blues1952Fast147BPM2:46
Red Johnson & His OrchXXXMama Does The Boogie R&B/Boogie1951Medium131BPM2:50
Roscoe GordonXXXNo More Doggin' R&B/Blues1951Medium112BPM3:14
Rufus Beacham & His Tampa ToppersXXXDo You Know How To Boogie R&B/Blues1951Medium138BPM3:07
Rufus Beacham & His Tampa ToppersXXXLet's Dance R&B/Rock1951Medium135BPM2:24
Rufus Beacham & His Tampa ToppersXXXMy Baby And Me R&B/Blues1951Slow77BPM2:33
Smokey HoggXXXDirty Mistreater R&B/Blues1951Medium132BPM2:39
Smokey HoggXXXI Love You Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium130BPM2:38
Smokey HoggXXXI'm Looking For My Baby R&B/Rock1951Medium134BPM2:35
Smokey HoggXXXShake A Leg R&B/Blues1951Medium129BPM3:04
Smokey HoggXXXShe's Always On My mind R&B/Blues1951Slow60BPM2:41
Smokey HoggXXXWhat in the World Am I Going to Do? R&B/Blues1951Slow109BPM2:02
Smokey HoggXXXWhat You Gonna Do? R&B/Blues1951Medium132BPM2:36
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXBad Blood R&B/Blues1952Slow108BPM3:20
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXC.C. Rider: Where Did You Go R&B/Blues1952Slow/Medium/Fast125BPM2:16
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXDissatisfied Woman R&B/Blues1951Medium133BPM2:30
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXEase My Worried Mind R&B/Blues1952Slow95BPM2:52
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXEase My Worried Mind R&B1952Slow95BPM2:52
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXEase My Worried Mind R&B/Blues1952Slow95BPM2:52
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXFeel So Good R&B/Blues1952Fast140BPM2:36
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXForgive Me R&B/Blues1952Medium115BPM2:27
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXGoing Down Slow R&B/Blues1952Medium120BPM3:20
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXGoing Down Slow R&B/Blues1952Medium120BPM3:20
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXKey To The Highway R&B/Blues-521952Medium113BPM2:19
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXKey To The Highway R&B/Blues1951Medium113BPM2:19
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXLightnin's Blues R&B/Blues1952Medium120BPM3:04
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXMean Ol' Frisco R&B/Blues1952Medium129BPM2:47
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXMean Old Frisco R&B/Blues1952Medium129BPM2:47
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXMeet You In The Morning R&B/Blues1952Fast145BPM2:38
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXMeet You In The Morning R&B/Blues1952Fast146BPM2:38
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXPawn Shop Blues R&B/Blues1952Medium121BPM2:38
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXSittin On Top Of The World R&B/Blues1952Medium115BPM2:52
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXSittin' on Top of the World R&B/Blues1952Medium115BPM2:52
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXStranger Blues R&B/Blues1952Slow90BPM2:27
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXStranger Blues R&B/Blues1952Slow90BPM2:27
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXThe Woman Is Killing Me R&B/Blues1952Fast154BPM2:47
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeXXXThe Women Is Killing Me R&B/Blues1952Fast154BPM2:47
The ConcordsXXXCandlelight R&B1951Slow106BPM2:15
The DixieairesXXXI'm Not Like I Used To Be R&B/Blues1951Medium138BPM2:16
The EmpiresXXXMagic Mirror R&B1953Medium125BPM2:23
The EmpiresXXXMake Me Or Break Me R&B1951Slow78BPM2:27
The EmpiresXXXMy Baby, My Baby R&B/Blues1954Slow103BPM2:19
The Four KingsXXXDo You Want To Rock (aka Do You Wanna Rock) R&B1952Medium116BPM2:25
The Last CrusadeXXXSuper Guy (Flying High) R&B1952Fast140BPM2:55
The RamblersXXX50-50 Love R&B1952Medium125BPM2:44
The RamblersXXXSearch My Heart R&B1952Slow84BPM2:40
The ShadowsXXXBeans R&B1951Medium132BPM2:49
Violet HallXXX(All Alone) I Sit and Cry R&B/Blues1951Slow109BPM2:55
Violet HallXXXSix Foot Papa R&B/Blues1953Medium111BPM2:33