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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1950
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Atlanta Pilgrim TravelersXXXMy Lord Won't Deny Me Gospel1949Medium112BPM2:49
Atlanta Pilgrim TravelersXXXNever Turn Back Gospel1949Medium127BPM2:49
Atlanta Pilgrim TravelersXXXPrayin' Time Gospel1948Medium126BPM2:32
Atlanta Pilgrim TravelersXXXSweet Jesus, The Lily Of The Valley Gospel/Vocal/Piano1948Medium129BPM2:56
Echoes Of ZionXXXIn The Wilderness Gospel/Vocal1948Medium135BPM2:50
Echoes Of ZionXXXLook For Me In Heaven Gospel/Vocal1948Slow100BPM2:56
Georgia PeachXXXDoes Jesus Care Gospel1948Slow98BPM3:00
Georgia PeachXXXThe Road Is Mighty Rugged Gospel1948Medium112BPM2:51
Golden Gate QuartetXXXIn The Morning Gospel/Vocal1948Medium109BPM2:51
Golden Gate QuartetXXXMother's Love Gospel1947Slow3:16
Golden Gate QuartetXXXOn Top Of Old Smokey Gospel1947Medium/Slow2:22
Golden Gate QuartetXXXStep by Step Gospel1948Slow87BPM2:46
Harps Of MusicXXXJesus Loves Bubbles Gospel1949Medium126BPM2:31
Harps Of MusicXXXStay In The Field Gospel1949Slow105BPM2:19
Herb LanceXXXI Want Jesus To Walk With Me Gospel1947Slow102BPM3:30
Kings Of HarmonyXXXLet It Shine On Me Gospel/Vocal1948Slow120BPM2:39
Kings Of HarmonyXXXLord Give Me A Way Gospel1947Medium125BPM2:25
Kings Of HarmonyXXXPrecious Lord Take My Hand Gospel1948Slow95BPM2:49
Kings Of HarmonyXXXSearch Me Lord Gospel/Vocal1948Medium130BPM2:43
Kings Of HarmonyXXXShine On Me Gospel1950Slow88BPM2:39
Kings Of HarmonyXXXThe Lord Is My Shepherd Gospel/Vocal1948Slow99BPM3:05
Sister Bessie GriffinXXXI Sing Because I'm Free Gospel/Vocal1949Slow80BPM2:53
Sister Marie KnightXXXI Must See Jesus Gospel1948Slow102BPM3:11
Sister Marie KnightXXXLet Nothing Separate Me Gospel1948Slow77BPM2:48
Sister Marie KnightXXXNegro National Anthem Gospel1948Slow84BPM2:22
Sister Marie KnightXXXSomething Within Me Gospel1948Slow96BPM2:31
Sister Marie KnightXXXToday Gospel1948Slow111BPM2:52
Sister Marie KnightXXXWhat Could I Do Gospel1949Medium118BPM2:36
Sister Marie KnightXXXWhere Could I Go Gospel1948Slow101BPM2:24
Sister Roseatta TharpeXXXFeed Me Jesus Gospel1953Slow73BPM2:58
Sister Roseatta TharpeXXXPeace In Korea Gospel1953Medium138BPM2:17
Southern RevivalistsXXXI'm Thinking of the Lord Gospel1948Slow68BPM2:40
Southern RevivalistsXXXMy Time Has Come Gospel1948Slow110BPM2:28
Sunset 4XXXCouldn't Keep It to Myself Gospel1948Slow108BPM2:42
Sunset JubileesXXXDidn't It Rain Gospel1947Medium2:28
Sunset JubileesXXXMy Time Has Come Gospel1948Slow85BPM2:53
Sunset JubileesXXXNew Jerusalem Gospel1949Slow100BPM2:40
The Blind BoysXXXLet Nothing Separate Me From His Love Gospel/Vocal1948Slow97BPM2:52
The Blind BoysXXXWas The Blood Gospel/Vocal1948Medium120BPM2:38
The DixieairesXXXDon't Let That Worry You Gospel1948Medium138BPM2:48
The DixieairesXXXJesus Give Me Water Gospel/Vocal1948Medium138BPM2:32
The DixieairesXXXJoe Louis Was a Fighting Man Gospel/Vocal1947Fast140BPM3:00
The DixieairesXXXJust A Closer Walk With Thee Gospel/Vocal1948Slow102BPM2:59
The DixieairesXXXLet Me Fly Gospel1951Slow93BPM3:02
The DixieairesXXXPray Gospel1948Medium127BPM2:32
The DixieairesXXXSo Long Gospel1947Fast140BPM2:49
The DixieairesXXXThe Greatest Creator Of Them All Gospel/Vocal1948Medium136BPM3:06
The DixieairesXXXThe Lord's Alphabet Gospel/Vocal1948Fast140BPM2:54
The DixieairesXXXWhen That Great Ship Went Down Gospel1951Medium118BPM2:54
The Ever-Ready Gospel SingersXXXI Can See My Savior Gospel/Vocal1948Medium105BPM2:26
The Ever-Ready Gospel SingersXXXSending Up My Timber Gospel/Vocal1948Medium142BPM2:32
The Royal HarmonistsXXXComing Of The King Gospel1951Slow109BPM2:34
The Royal HarmonistsXXXRock In The Harbor Gospel1950Medium115BPM2:48