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Songs in this Genre within Three years of 1947
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
MacBeth the GreatXXXBad Bad Whiskey Calypso1947Fast145BPM2:28
MacBeth the GreatXXXBajan Girl Calypso1947Medium118BPM3:05
MacBeth the GreatXXXBuy Me A Zeppelin Calypso1947Medium138BPM2:22
MacBeth the GreatXXXCab Calloway Calypso1947Medium121BPM3:17
MacBeth the GreatXXXCane Breaks (Inst.) Calypso1947Fast142BPM2:49
MacBeth the GreatXXXChampale Calypso1947Medium126BPM2:55
MacBeth the GreatXXXDelcina Calypso1947Medium138BPM2:25
MacBeth the GreatXXXEmily Calypso1947Slow82BPM3:11
MacBeth the GreatXXXIona Calypso1947Slow100BPM2:54
MacBeth the GreatXXXJockey Calypso1947Slow101BPM3:01
MacBeth the GreatXXXLady You're Mashing My Toe Calypso1947Medium124BPM2:52
MacBeth the GreatXXXMan Stupid Calypso1947Slow82BPM2:39
MacBeth the GreatXXXMatrimony Calypso1947Slow82BPM3:07
MacBeth the GreatXXXNora Calypso1947Medium112BPM2:56
MacBeth the GreatXXXOutside Calypso1947Fast142BPM2:28
MacBeth the GreatXXXTake Me, Take Me Calypso1947Medium118BPM2:54
MacBeth the GreatXXXTurn Around Girl Calypso1947Medium115BPM2:31
MacBeth the GreatXXXUgly Woman Calypso1947Medium132BPM2:38