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Songs in this Subgenre Rock and Roll
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Bertha TillmanXXXI Wish Rock and Roll1962Slow98BPM2:44
Big Five & The Fabulous FlamesXXXStardust In Her Eyes Rock and Roll1960Medium128BPM2:07
Big PeteXXXBig Pete Rock and Roll1961Medium135BPM2:24
Bill CollinsXXXBorder Beat Rock and Roll1961Medium135BPM2:35
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXBaby Be There Rock and Roll1953Medium130BPM2:43
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXI Love My Baby Rock and Roll1952Fast144BPM2:28
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXLove No One Rock and Roll1952Slow109BPM2:35
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXWhy Oh Why Rock and Roll1951Slow92BPM2:16
Bobby Hall & The KingsXXXYou Made Me Cry Rock and Roll1954Slow86BPM2:45
ChancellorsXXXStraightaway Rock and Roll1962Medium115BPM1:44
ChancellorsXXXUp Side Down Rock and Roll1962Medium122BPM1:45
ChrystalsXXXMalaguena Rock and Roll1960Medium130BPM2:27
ChubakosXXXBoogie The Devil In Rock and Roll1974Medium136BPM3:07
Danny and the VelairsXXXShaggy Dog Rock and Roll1967Medium124BPM1:59
Eddie QuinterosXXXVivian Rock and Roll1959Slow80BPM2:08
Lincoln Street ExitXXXDirty Mother Blues Rock and Roll1970Slow100BPM7:05
Lincoln Street ExitXXXGoing Back Home Rock and Roll1970Medium130BPM3:06
Lincoln Street ExitXXXGot You Babe Rock and Roll1970Fast144BPM3:07
Lincoln Street ExitXXXMan Machine Rock and Roll1970Medium132BPM3:59
Lincoln Street ExitXXXPhantom Child Rock and Roll1970Medium132BPM4:20
Lincoln Street ExitXXXSoulful Drifter Rock and Roll1970Medium119BPM3:01
Lincoln Street ExitXXXStraight Shootin' Man Rock and Roll1970Medium124BPM3:03
Lincoln Street ExitXXXTeacher Teacher Rock and Roll1970Medium131BPM2:51
Lincoln Street ExitXXXTime Has Come Gonna Die Rock and Roll1970Slow109BPM4:07
O.C. And The HolidaysXXXThe Tuttle Rock and Roll1958Medium124BPM2:33
O.C. And The HolidaysXXXWatch That Action Rock and Roll1958Fast140BPM2:34
Rusty IsabelXXXI Give Up Rock and Roll1959Medium124BPM1:50
Rusty IsabelXXXMan Hunt Rock and Roll1959Medium122BPM2:10
Superfine DandelionXXXCrazy Town Rock and Roll1968Medium130BPM3:07
Superfine DandelionXXXDay And Night Rock and Roll1968Medium138BPM2:50
Superfine DandelionXXXDon't Try to Call Me Rock and Roll1968Medium127BPM2:57
Superfine DandelionXXXIt's Raining Rock and Roll1968Medium121BPM3:06
Superfine DandelionXXXJanie's Tomb Rock and Roll1968Medium127BPM2:55
Superfine DandelionXXXMy PLace Rock and Roll1968Medium124BPM2:15
Superfine DandelionXXXPeople In The Streets Rock and Roll1968Medium138BPM3:33
Superfine DandelionXXXShameful Lady Rock and Roll1968Medium126BPM2:44
Superfine DandelionXXXThe Other Sidewalk Rock and Roll1968Medium124BPM3:06
Superfine DandelionXXXWhat's The Hurry Rock and Roll1968Slow109BPM2:51
The Underground ExpressXXXWhere Can I Run Rock and Roll1973Fast140BPM2:06
Wayne RobinsonXXXCuttin' Heads Rock and Roll1962Fast140BPM2:20