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Songs in this Subgenre Rock & Roll Inst
PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Big PeteXXXBakaruda Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium138BPM2:34
Bill CollinsXXXUpturn Rock & Roll Inst1959Medium117BPM2:05
CashmenXXXGrapevine Rock & Roll Inst1964Medium127BPM2:51
CashmenXXXGuitar Inst #3 Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium128BPM2:28
CashmenXXXGuitar Inst#1 Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium128BPM2:26
CashmenXXXGuitar Inst#2 Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium128BPM2:12
CashmenXXXIntruder Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium130BPM2:34
CashmenXXXThe Cobra Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium129BPM1:56
Clyde GaryXXXChestnut Drive Rock & Roll Inst1961Medium132BPM2:13
Five CountsXXXSpanish Nights Rock & Roll Inst1960Medium115BPM2:19
Five CountsXXXWatermelon Walk Rock & Roll Inst1960Medium117BPM2:25
Hal SingerXXXHula Hoop Rock Rock & Roll Inst1958Medium121BPM1:54
Path FindersXXXCat Dance Rock & Roll Inst1964Medium115BPM2:29
Rusty IsabelXXXThe Blast Rock & Roll Inst1959Fast160BPM1:59
The Bell NotesXXXBetty Dear (Inst) Rock & Roll Inst1959128BPM2:35
The Bell NotesXXXDream Street (Inst) Rock & Roll Inst1959Medium119BPM2:39
The Bell NotesXXXSad Guitar (Inst) Rock & Roll Inst1959Slow109BPM2:14
The Grand JuryXXXMusic Is Fun To Me (Inst.) Rock & Roll Inst1976Medium121BPM3:43
The PipelinersXXXBeach Bum Rock & Roll Inst1964Medium117BPM2:09
The PipelinersXXXBo Bo Diddley Rock & Roll Inst1962Medium135BPM1:48
The PipelinersXXXEl Rubio Rock & Roll Inst1962Medium132BPM2:51
The PipelinersXXXRice and Beans Rock & Roll Inst1962Fast141BPM2:32