By Genre     

PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
AfriqueXXXDueling Guitars Funk Jazz1973Slow102BPM3:34
AfriqueXXXGet It Funk Jazz1973Fast142BPM3:31
AfriqueXXXHot Doggin' Funk Jazz1973Fast144BPM3:30
AfriqueXXXHot Mud Funk Jazz1973Medium112BPM4:19
AfriqueXXXHouse Of The Rising Funk Funk Jazz1973Slow106BPM3:20
Art FarmerXXXGentle Eyes Jazz1972Slow85BPM3:29
Art FarmerXXXGentle Rain Jazz1972Slow71BPM4:58
Art FarmerXXXHomecoming Jazz1971Medium124BPM4:12
Art FarmerXXXSoulsides Jazz1972Slow81BPM4:29
Barry MilesXXXArrows and Eagles Jazz Piano1972Fast156BPM2:25
Barry MilesXXXDescent Jazz Piano1971Fast154BPM3:37
Barry MilesXXXFirst Love Jazz Piano1972Slow109BPM5:16
Barry MilesXXXFoot Mother Jazz Piano1971Medium130BPM6:10
Barry MilesXXXLatina Jazz Piano/Scat1972Medium138BPM4:52
Barry MilesXXXLife-Cycle Jazz Piano1972Fast140BPM6:37
Barry MilesXXXLittle Heart Of Pieces Jazz Piano/Scat1971Slow108BPM4:41
Barry MilesXXXScatbird Jazz Piano/Scat1972Slow106BPM3:56
Barry MilesXXXSkeleton Dance Jazz Piano1972Medium132BPM9:50
Barry MilesXXXSound Song Jazz Piano1971Slow/Medium/Fast106BPM4:42
Barry MilesXXXSuburban Shuffle Jazz Piano1972Fast154BPM5:36
Barry MilesXXXTangent Jazz Piano1971Medium135BPM4:43
Barry MilesXXXWhite Heat Jazz Piano1971Fast154BPM8:08
Blue MitchellXXXAsso-Kam Jazz1975Medium110BPM7:27
Blue MitchellXXXBeans and Taters Jazz Funk1972Medium115BPM4:38
Blue MitchellXXXBlue Funk Jazz1973Medium122BPM4:39
Blue MitchellXXXBlue's Blue Jazz1972Medium107BPM7:06
Blue MitchellXXXBlues For Thelma Jazz1971Medium128BPM7:15
Blue MitchellXXXBooty Shakin' Funk Jazz1971Medium120BPM5:27
Blue MitchellXXXCasa Blues Jazz1972Medium110BPM8:27
Blue MitchellXXXDorado Jazz1973Medium138BPM9:01
Blue MitchellXXXExpress Jazz1973Fast140BPM5:08
Blue MitchellXXXFunky Walk Jazz1973Medium130BPM4:46
Blue MitchellXXXFunny Bone Jazz Funk1972Medium117BPM3:46
Blue MitchellXXXGolden Feathered Bird Jazz Funk1972Medium138BPM4:11
Blue MitchellXXXGraffiti Blues Jazz1973Slow87BPM7:19
Blue MitchellXXXGranite And Concrete Jazz1972Slow91BPM10:01
Blue MitchellXXXHarmony Of The Underworld Jazz Funk1972Slow108BPM4:58
Blue MitchellXXXHot Stuff Jazz Funk1974Fast144BPM3:56
Blue MitchellXXXI Didn't Ask To Be Jazz1972Slow95BPM10:13
Blue MitchellXXXJust Made Up Jazz1972Medium113BPM7:39
Blue MitchellXXXP.T. Blues Jazz Funk1971Medium116BPM3:09
Blue MitchellXXXQueen Bey Jazz1971Medium122BPM4:57
Blue MitchellXXXSteal The Feel Funk Jazz1973Slow88BPM4:29
Blue MitchellXXXVital Blue Funk Jazz1971Medium129BPM5:22
Blue MitchellXXXWhere It's At Jazz1973Medium135BPM3:34
Blue MitchellXXXYeah Ya Right Jazz1973Slow87BPM5:32
Booker LittleXXXBee Tee's Minor Plea Straight Jazz1960Slow76BPM5:41
Booker LittleXXXMinor Sweet Straight Jazz1960Slow108BPM5:41
Booker LittleXXXOpening Statement Straight Jazz1960Medium105BPM6:43
Bourbon Street StompersXXXAfter The Ball/ Many Happy Returns of the Day Dixieland Jazz1963Medium101BPM2:56
Bourbon Street StompersXXXBeautiful Dreamer Dixieland Jazz1963Slow75BPM2:43
Bourbon Street StompersXXXBill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home Dixieland Jazz1963Slow91BPM2:41
Bourbon Street StompersXXXCarry Me Back To Old Virginny / Kentucky Babe / Cotton Fields Dixieland Jazz1963Medium118BPM3:40
Bourbon Street StompersXXXDown By The Riverside Dixieland Jazz1963Medium91BPM2:37
Bourbon Street StompersXXXI Don't Care / Hello My Baby Dixieland Jazz1963Medium116BPM2:57
Bourbon Street StompersXXXI Dream of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair Dixieland Jazz1963Slow100BPM2:14
Bourbon Street StompersXXXI've Been Working On The Railroad Dixieland Jazz1963Fast155BPM2:01
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMaple Leaf Rag Dixieland Jazz1963Medium120BPM2:36
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMoon Over Miami Dixieland Jazz1963Medium115BPM1:57
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMy Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/ My Gal Sal/ Ida Sweet as Apple Cider Dixieland Jazz1963Medium101BPM2:20
Bourbon Street StompersXXXMy Old Kentucky Home Dixieland Jazz1963Medium128BPM2:03
Bourbon Street StompersXXXOh Susanna / Camptown Races Dixieland Jazz1963Medium110BPM3:09
Bourbon Street StompersXXXRing, Ring De Banjo Dixieland Jazz1963Fast145BPM2:00
Bourbon Street StompersXXXSwanee River Dixieland Jazz1963Medium112BPM2:14
Bourbon Street StompersXXXWait 'till the Sun Shines Nellie Dixieland Jazz1963Medium110BPM2:17
Bourbon Street StompersXXXWhen You Were Sweet Sixteen / While The Years Go Drifting By Dixieland Jazz1963Slow85BPM3:10
Buddy TerryXXXAmazing Grace Jazz/Gospel1973Slow72BPM4:52
Buddy TerryXXXAwareness (Suite)-Omnipotence- Babylon-Unity-Humility (Trio for Two Bassists and Tenor) Jazz1971Medium112BPM12:47
Buddy TerryXXXClimbing Higher Mountains Jazz/Gospel1973Medium116BPM3:14
Buddy TerryXXXHoly, Holy, Holy Jazz/Gospel1973Medium124BPM5:39
Buddy TerryXXXInner Peace Jazz/Gospel1973Medium116BPM10:17
Buddy TerryXXXLove Offering Jazz/Gospel1973Slow98BPM7:35
Buddy TerryXXXParanoia Jazz Funk1972Medium112BPM10:48
Buddy TerryXXXQuiet Afternoon Jazz Funk1972Medium117BPM10:14
Buddy TerryXXXSodom and Gomorrah Jazz1971Medium112BPM12:19
Charles KynardXXXEl Toro Poo Poo Jazz Funk1971Fast140BPM3:15
Charles KynardXXXGreens Jazz Funk1971Medium113BPM5:42
Charles KynardXXXGreeze Jazz Funk1971Slow80BPM4:44
Charles KynardXXXGrits Jazz Funk1971Medium112BPM6:49
Charles KynardXXXHot Sauce Funk Jazz1972Medium122BPM4:36
Charles KynardXXXLime Twig Funk Jazz1972Slow80BPM3:48
Charles KynardXXXMomma Jive Jazz Funk1973Slow84BPM3:30
Charles KynardXXXNightwood Jazz Funk1971Slow85BPM2:31
Charles KynardXXXShe Jazz Funk1971Slow90BPM6:34
Charles KynardXXXShout Funk Jazz1972Fast140BPM6:23
Charles KynardXXXSlop Jar Funk Jazz1972Medium112BPM9:19
Charles KynardXXXZambezi Jazz Funk1973Medium124BPM5:36
Charles McPhersonXXXSerenity Prog. Funk Jazz1971Medium121BPM7:25
Charles WilliamsXXXAin't No Blues Funk Jazz1972Slow81BPM4:26
Charles WilliamsXXXBacon Butt Fat Jazz Funk1971Slow85BPM5:42
Charles WilliamsXXXBooger Bear Jazz Funk1971Medium132BPM4:51
Charles WilliamsXXXCatfish Sam'ich Jazz Funk1971Medium132BPM5:11
Charles WilliamsXXXCountry Mile Jazz Funk1971Medium121BPM3:47
Charles WilliamsXXXCracklin' Bread Jazz Funk1971Slow90BPM7:32
Charles WilliamsXXXIron Jaws Funk Jazz1972Slow75BPM6:49
Charles WilliamsXXXJust Before Day Funk Jazz1972Slow83BPM8:37
Curtis FullerXXXBallade Prog. Funk Jazz1971Slow81BPM5:04
Curtis FullerXXXBlack Bath Prog. Funk Jazz1971Fast150BPM9:50
Curtis FullerXXXCrankin' Prog. Funk Jazz1971Fast152BPM7:06
Curtis FullerXXXJacque's Groove Jazz Funk1972Slow108BPM6:13
Curtis FullerXXXMaze Prog. Funk Jazz1971Medium113BPM11:26
Curtis FullerXXXPeople Places and Things Jazz Funk1972Medium112BPM7:23
Curtis FullerXXXSmokin' Jazz Funk1972Medium138BPM11:32
Curtis FullerXXXSop City Jazz Funk1972Slow104BPM8:06
Curtis FullerXXXThe Spirit Prog. Funk Jazz1971Medium131BPM5:46
Dave HubbardXXXBooga Bop Funk Jazz1971Medium136BPM7:24
Gloria ColemanXXXBlues For Youse Jazz Inst.1971Medium120BPM3:53
Gloria ColemanXXXBugaloo For Ernie Jazz Inst.1971Medium93BPM5:27
Gordon Jenkins & OrchestraXXXFascination Jazz Orch1962Fast162BPM2:40
Hadley CalimanXXXCigar Eddie Funk Jazz1971Medium134BPM6:19
Hadley CalimanXXXComencio Jazz1971Medium/Fast135BPM7:13
Hadley CalimanXXXDee's Glee Jazz1971Slow88BPM7:40
Hadley CalimanXXXKicking On The Inside Jazz1971Fast140BPM3:50
Hadley CalimanXXXLittle One Jazz1971Slow92BPM4:44
Hadley CalimanXXXQuadrivium Jazz1971Medium135BPM3:48
Hadley CalimanXXXQuien Sabe Jazz1971Slow100BPM3:24
Hal GalperXXXBlack Night Jazz Funk1971Varies3:26
Hal GalperXXXCall Jazz Funk1971Fast1458BPM6:17
Hal GalperXXXChange Up Jazz1971Medium135BPM5:14
Hal GalperXXXConvocation Jazz1971Slow92BPM7:09
Hal GalperXXXFigure Eight Jazz Funk1971Slow97BPM7:49
Hal GalperXXXPoint Of View Jazz Funk1971Medium115BPM5:57
Hal GalperXXXRise And Fall Jazz Funk1971Slow75BPM9:14
Hal GalperXXXThis Moment Jazz1971Medium132BPM11:51
Hal GalperXXXWhatever Jazz1971Medium130BPM7:21
Hal GalperXXXWild Bird Jazz1971Medium132BPM8:09
Harold LandXXXDamisi Jazz1972Medium121BPM9:13
Harold LandXXXDark Mood Jazz1972Slow87BPM8:53
Harold LandXXXIn The Back In The Corner In The Dark Jazz Inst.1972Medium132BPM5:55
Harold LandXXXPakistan Jazz1972Medium127BPM8:03
Harold LandXXXStep Right Up To The Bottom Jazz1972Fast141BPM4:46
Harold LandXXXUp And Down Jazz1972Medium135BPM10:50
Helen MerrillXXXCannetella Vocal Jazz1964Medium115BPM2:17
Helen MerrillXXXCareless Love Vocal Jazz1964Slow78BPM3:30
Helen MerrillXXXHouse of the Rising Sun Vocal Jazz1964Medium119BPM2:34
Helen MerrillXXXI Left My Heart Behind Vocal Jazz1964Medium112BPM2:17
Helen MerrillXXXItsi No Komoriuta Vocal Jazz1964Slow101BPM2:19
Helen MerrillXXXJohn Anderson Vocal Jazz1964Slow90BPM2:09
Helen MerrillXXXMinha Rocca Vocal Jazz1964Medium125BPM2:28
Irene KralXXXThere Is No Right Way Jazz Vocal1965Medium118BPM2:23
Irving JosephXXXApril in Brownsville Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium122BPM3:01
Irving JosephXXXBad Day In Brooklyn Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium125BPM1:58
Irving JosephXXXCrime Wave Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Fast146BPM3:37
Irving JosephXXXDouble Cross Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium130BPM3:33
Irving JosephXXXMurder, Inc Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium140BPM2:54
Irving JosephXXXPrison Break Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium130BPM2:43
Irving JosephXXXStates Evidence Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium140BPM2:09
Irving JosephXXXStool Pigeon Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium115BPM2:19
Irving JosephXXXThe Big Six Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium118BPM2:56
Irving JosephXXXThe Contract Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium132BPM2:36
Irving JosephXXXThird Degree Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Fast146BPM1:36
Irving JosephXXXWe The Jury Jazz Orch Soundtrack1960Medium115BPM2:52
Jay BerlinerXXXGetting The Message Funk Jazz1973Medium126BPM4:04
Jay BerlinerXXXStickball Funk Jazz1973Medium132BPM3:58
Joe CainXXXChunga, Uhurah, Chunga Latin Jazz1963Medium129BPM1:58
Joe CainXXXOue Paso Latin Jazz1963Medium135BPM2:52
John WhiteXXXCity Funk Jazz1971Slow108BPM2:59
John WhiteXXXGranite and Concrete Funk Jazz1971Medium112BPM7:41
John WhiteXXXHelp Us Out Funk Jazz1971Slow75BPM7:35
John WhiteXXXNumber 3 Funk Jazz1971Slow93BPM3:25
John WhiteXXXRight Off Jazz1971Medium129BPM6:41
John WhiteXXXTried To Touch Funk Jazz1971Slow76BPM7:00
Juggy's Jass BandXXXAt A Georgia Camptown Meeting Dixieland Jazz1964Medium129BPM2:18
Juggy's Jass BandXXXDeep River Dixieland Jazz1964Medium112BPM2:36
Juggy's Jass BandXXXDixie Dixieland Jazz1964Medium124BPM2:08
Juggy's Jass BandXXXGolden Slippers Dixieland Jazz1964Medium115BPM2:18
Juggy's Jass BandXXXHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands Dixieland Jazz1964Medium120BPM1:59
Juggy's Jass BandXXXLonesome Road Dixieland Jazz1964Slow101BPM2:24
Juggy's Jass BandXXXMedley: Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair/Aura Lee/Nellie Grey Dixieland Jazz1964Medium124BPM2:52
Juggy's Jass BandXXXMedley: Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Give Me That Old Time Religion/Go Down Moses Dixieland Jazz1964Slow93BPM3:05
Juggy's Jass BandXXXRovin' Gambler Dixieland Jazz1964Medium112BPM2:01
Juggy's Jass BandXXXShortnin' Bread Dixieland Jazz1964Medium124BPM2:25
Juggy's Jass BandXXXTom Dooley Dixieland Jazz1964Medium113BPM2:45
Juggy's Jass BandXXXWhen The Saints Go Marching In Dixieland Jazz1964Medium113BPM1:38
Kelso HerstonXXXCarry Me Back To Old Virginny / Kentucky Babe / Cotton Fields Dixieland Jazz1963Medium129BPM3:51
Kenny DorhamXXXA Waltz Straight Jazz1960Fast155BPM5:34
Kenny DorhamXXXA Waltz (Alt. Version) Straight Jazz1960Slow87BPM5:37
Larry Golding TrioXXXGone World #1 Jazz Piano2009Slow102BPM6:42
Larry Golding TrioXXXGone World #2 Jazz Piano2009Slow109BPM8:05
Larry Golding TrioXXXGone World #3 Jazz Piano2009Slow98BPM8:59
Larry Golding TrioXXXMorning After #1 Jazz Piano2009Slow98BPM6:55
Larry Golding TrioXXXMorning After #2 Jazz Orch2009Slow98BPM9:09
Larry Golding TrioXXXMorning After #3 Jazz Piano2009Slow98BPM12:11
Larry Golding TrioXXXTuscany Jazz Piano2009Slow75BPM10:06
Mauricio SmithXXXEl Green Hornet Latin Jazz1966Medium132BPM2:59
Mauricio SmithXXXGoing Uptown Latin Jazz1966Medium114BPM3:01
Mauricio SmithXXXHot Peppers Part 1 Latin Jazz1966Medium138BPM3:22
Mauricio SmithXXXMambo For Mauricio Latin Jazz1966Medium114BPM2:39
Mauricio SmithXXXMore Bread Latin Jazz1966Fast154BPM2:36
Mauricio SmithXXXMore Hot Peppers Part 2 Latin Jazz1966Medium139BPM2:48
Mauricio SmithXXXOld Shoes Latin Jazz1966Medium128BPM2:15
Mauricio SmithXXXPanama Blues Latin Jazz1966Medium132BPM2:34
Mauricio SmithXXXPuttin' You Down Latin Jazz1966Fast140BPM2:47
Mauricio SmithXXXViva Guajira Latin Jazz1966Fast142BPM2:46
Maynard FergusonXXXMacarena Jazz1972Slow102BPM5:45
Maynard FergusonXXXThe Lady's In Love Jazz1972Fast140BPM2:41
Mike LongoXXXA Piece Of Resistance Funk Jazz1972Fast142BPM6:34
Mike LongoXXXJust To Let You Know Funk Jazz1972Medium118BPM3:44
Mike LongoXXXPass It Funk Jazz1972Fast142BPM7:38
Mike LongoXXXThe Awakening Funk Jazz1972Fast144BPM8:29
Morgana KingXXXSometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Jazz Vocal1965Medium127BPM3:22
Paul JeffreyXXXAcrema Jazz Funk1974Medium126BPM5:33
Paul JeffreyXXXBondage Jazz Funk1974Medium135BPM6:26
Paul JeffreyXXXHip Soul Sister Funk Jazz1974Medium135BPM6:55
Paul JeffreyXXXJacoba's Song Jazz Funk1974Medium126BPM5:36
Paul JeffreyXXXSoul Review Jazz Funk1974Fast150BPM5:28
Pete YellinXXXNorma Jazz1972Medium132BPM5:41
Pete YellinXXXTojo Jazz1972Fast144BPM6:33
Reggie MooreXXXCollage Jazz Piano1971Slow75BPM5:38
Reggie MooreXXXConsider Her Ways Jazz Piano1971Medium122BPM4:57
Reggie MooreXXXFurioso Jazz Piano1971Medium/Slow100BPM8:02
Reggie MooreXXXMother McCree Jazz Piano1971Medium126BPM2:59
Ron EscheteXXXGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Jazz1982Medium142BPM6:35
Roy HaynesXXXI'm So High Jazz1971Medium132BPM4:17
Roy HaynesXXXMedley: You Name It/ Lift Every Voice and Sing Jazz1971Fast149BPM9:32
Roy HaynesXXXRoy's Tune Jazz1971Medium121BPM5:09
Roy HaynesXXXSatan's Mysterious Feeling Jazz1971Fast145BPM6:42
Roy HaynesXXXTangiers Jazz1971Fast150BPM6:06
Sarah VaughanXXXI Need You More Than Ever Now Jazz Vocal1974Slow109BPM3:00
Sarah VaughanXXXLove Don't Live Here Anymore Jazz Vocal1974Medium130BPM3:11
Sarah VaughanXXXRight In The Next Room Jazz Vocal1974Medium121BPM3:06
Sarah VaughanXXXThat'll Be Johnny Jazz Vocal1974Medium138BPM2:50
Sarah VaughanXXXThe Blues Scat/Jazz1973Fast140BPM2:01
Sonny ClarkXXXBlues Blue Straight Jazz1960Slow111BPM4:26
Sonny ClarkXXXBlues Blue (Alt. Version) Straight Jazz1960Fast107BPM7:35
Sonny ClarkXXXBlues Mambo Straight Jazz1960Fast135BPM5:02
Sonny ClarkXXXJunka Straight Jazz1960Fast124BPM6:18
Sonny ClarkXXXJunka (Alt. Version) Straight Jazz1960Medium109BPM5:01
Sonny ClarkXXXSonia Straight Jazz1960Fast122BPM5:16
Sonny ClarkXXXSonia (Alt.Version) Straight Jazz1960Fast140BPM7:22
Stanley TurrentineXXXLet's Groove Straight Jazz1960Medium100BPM6:00
Stanley TurrentineXXXMild Is The Mood Straight Jazz1960Fast140BPM4:59
Stanley TurrentineXXXMinor Mood Straight Jazz1960Medium106BPM5:10
Stanley TurrentineXXXSheri Straight Jazz1960Medium106BPM4:48
Ted Gioia and Mark LewisXXXA Moment For Michael Jasper Jazz1989Slow79BPM3:31
Ted Gioia and Mark LewisXXXI Never Knew Piano Jazz1989Medium120BPM5:43
Ted Gioia and Mark LewisXXXMy L.A. Years Jazz Piano1989Medium124BPM4:09
Ted Gioia and Mark LewisXXXPhilip Piano Jazz1989Slow84BPM4:36
Ted Gioia and Mark LewisXXXSanta Barbara Jazz Piano1989Slow83BPM2:48
Ted Gioia and Mark LewisXXXTango Cool Jazz1989Slow94BPM5:41
Ted Gioia TrioXXXA Sunday Waltz Jazz Piano1989Slow109BPM3:48
Ted Gioia TrioXXXEpiloque: Sunday Night Jazz Piano1989Medium132BPM2:34
Ted Gioia TrioXXXLullabye In G Jazz Piano1989Slow75BPM3:16
Ted Gioia TrioXXXSiena Jazz Piano1989Medium130BPM4:09
Ted Gioia TrioXXXThe End Of The Open Road Jazz Piano1989Medium128BPM7:31
Ted Gioia TrioXXXThe Open Road Jazz Piano1989Medium133BPM3:47
Terry GibbsXXXBoll Weevil Jazz1963Slow88BPM5:47
Terry GibbsXXXDown By The Riverside Jazz1963Medium139BPM4:14
Terry GibbsXXXGreensleeves Jazz1963Slow84BPM4:01
Terry GibbsXXXJohn Henry Jazz1963Medium116BPM3:18
Terry GibbsXXXJoshua Jazz1963Medium138BPM3:20
Terry GibbsXXXMichael, Row The Boat Ashore Jazz1963Medium132BPM4:18
Terry GibbsXXXPolly, Wolly Doodle All Day Jazz1963Medium135BPM2:51
Terry GibbsXXXSam Hall Jazz1963Slow79BPM3:47
Terry GibbsXXXSettling Down Slow Jazz1964Slow75BPM5:39
Terry GibbsXXXTom Dooley Jazz1963Medium137BPM4:25
Terry GibbsXXXWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home Again Jazz1963Medium138BPM4:20
The Maynard Ferguson SextetXXXMike's Mike Jazz1974Medium110BPM4:05
The Maynard Ferguson SextetXXXSlide By Slide Jazz1974Medium136BPM6:21
The Maynard Ferguson SextetXXXThe Clef Jazz1974Fast140BPM5:01
ZootSims,Jim Raney,Jim HallXXXA Primera Vez Jazz1964Fast150BPM4:20
ZootSims,Jim Raney,Jim HallXXXBetaminus Jazz1964Medium136BPM3:18
ZootSims,Jim Raney,Jim HallXXXCoisa Mais Linda Jazz1964Medium114BPM4:20
ZootSims,Jim Raney,Jim HallXXXHold Me Jazz1964Slow91BPM2:51
ZootSims,Jim Raney,Jim HallXXXMove It Jazz1974Slow102BPM4:25
ZootSims,Jim Raney,Jim HallXXXPresente de Natal Jazz1964Medium113BPM3:07