By Genre     

PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
Big Five & The Fabulous FlamesXXXBlue Eyes Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1960Slow96BPM1:58
Big Five & The Fabulous FlamesXXXStardust In Her Eyes Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1960Medium128BPM2:07
Buddy Clinton and the BelmontsXXXAcross The Street From Your House Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Medium120BPM1:52
Buddy Clinton and the BelmontsXXXHow My Prayers Have Changed Doowop1959Slow88BPM2:01
Eddie QuinterosXXXVivian Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Slow80BPM2:08
The ArgylesXXXVacation Days Are Over Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Medium140BPM2:14
The Big FiveXXXBaby I Need You So Doowop1958Slow84BPM2:10
The ChariotsXXXA Sunday Morning Love Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1958Slow104BPM2:08
The ChariotsXXXGloria Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1958Slow101BPM2:32
The ChevronsXXXDon't Be Heartless Doowop1959Slow100BPM2:22
The ChevronsXXXLullabye Doowop1959Medium131BPM2:22
The DixieairesXXXTraveling All Alone Doowop1953Slow89BPM2:21
The DolphinsXXXI Found True Love Doowop1960Slow80BPM2:10
The DolphinsXXXTell Tale Kisses Doowop1960Medium130BPM2:26
The DynamicsXXXA Hundred Million Lies Doowop1958Medium118BPM2:41
The DynamicsXXXKa Joom Doowop1958Slow107BPM2:22
The Fabulous Five FlamesXXXLonely Lover Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Medium125BPM2:26
The Fabulous Five FlamesXXXNo More Tears Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Slow97BPM2:32
The GardeniasXXXI'll Be Seeing You In My Dreams Doowop1958Slow92BPM2:41
The GeniesXXXFirst Time Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1960Slow116BPM2:03
The GeniesXXXFirst Time Do-Wop/Rock & Roll19582:03
The GeniesXXXWho's That Knocking Doowop1958Medium118BPM2:16
The Mighty JupitersXXXHy Wocky Toomba Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Medium125BPM2:04
The SpidellsXXXCome Walk With Me Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1958Slow106BPM2:11
The Tabby'sXXXMy Darling Doowop1959Slow104BPM2:05
The Tabby'sXXXYes, I Do Doowop1958Medium115BPM2:12
The TradewindsXXXLonely Boy Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Medium121BPM2:09
The WheelsXXXSo Young And So In Love Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1958Slow110BPM2:37
The WheelsXXXWhere Were You? Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1958Slow111BPM2:29
Tony FarrellXXXA Flame In My Heart Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1958Slow90BPM2:09
Tradewinds (Rob Roys)XXXAggravation Do-Wop/Rock & Roll1959Medium129BPM2:21