By Genre     

PerformerSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
AfriqueXXXKumbo Coming R&B1974Medium122BPM3:05
Bill WrightXXXEverything Look Good (Ain't Good) R&B1975Medium117BPM2:36
Calvin ArnoldXXX(I'm Your) Friendly Neighborhood Freak (Parts 1 &2) R&B1975Medium113BPM5:35
ChancellorsXXXStraightaway R&B Inst1962Medium135BPM1:44
ChancellorsXXXUp Side Down R&B Inst.1962Medium122BPM1:45
Charles BeverlyXXXGrass Ain't Greener* R&B1975Medium131BPM2:43
Charles BeverlyXXXStop And Think A Minute R&B1975Slow84BPM3:44
Charles KynardXXXMomma Jive R&B/Jazz1973Slow84BPM3:30
Charles KynardXXXZambezi R&B/Jazz1973Medium124BPM5:36
Chocolate SyrupXXXJust In The Nick Of Time R&B1974Slow75BPM2:53
Chocolate SyrupXXXYou've Got A Lot To Give R&B1974Medium135BPM2:27
ChubakosXXXBoogie The Devil In R&B1974Medium136BPM3:07
ChubakosXXXWitch Doctor Bump R&B1974Medium121BPM3:04
Count Willie with LRL and the DukesXXXI've Got To Tell You R&B1974Slow104BPM3:37
Crystal ImageXXXGonna Have A Good Time R&B1975Fast145BPM2:53
Crystal ImageXXXYou Are The Spice Of My Life R&B1975Slow98BPM4:01
Danny and the VelairsXXXShaggy Dog R&B1967Medium124BPM1:59
Dixie DriftersXXXI Am The Black Book R&B1974Slow79BPM3:38
DramaticsXXXI Feel It R&B1975Slow72BPM3:14
Electric LadysXXXNothing Between Us R&B Inst1975Slow108BPM2:46
Electric LadysXXXNothing Between Us R&B Inst1975Slow108BPM2:46
Ellerine HardingXXXGet Up Daddy R&B1972Medium116BPM3:07
Ellerine HardingXXXTonight, Let The Other Women Cry R&B1974Medium124BPM3:05
Frankie FloydXXXBoogie Chile R&B1974Fast148BPM2:52
Frankie FloydXXXI'm Gonna Get You R&B1972Medium124BPM3:01
FrogXXXShe's A Stone Freak R&B1974Medium126BPM3:11
J.G. LewisXXXLet The Music Play R&B1975Medium120BPM3:27
Jeany ReynoldsXXXPlease Don't Set Me Free R&B1969Slow92BPM3:53
L. J. ReynoldsXXXCall On Me R&B1969Slow92BPM2:58
L.J. ReynoldsXXXIntruder R&B1969Medium135BPM2:59
Larry RiceXXXLove Looks So Good On You R&B1975Slow84BPM3:32
Larry RiceXXXSweet Like* R&B1973Medium136BPM3:13
Lee BatesXXXWhat Am I Gonna Do R&B1975Medium129BPM3:48
Lenny WelchXXXEyewitness News R&B1974Medium121BPM2:46
Lewis ClarkXXXDog Ain't A Man's Best Friend R&B1964Fast145BPM2:27
Linda PerryXXXEveryone Has Someone R&B1974Medium120BPM3:21
Linda PerryXXXIt's All In Back Of Me Now R&B1975Medium130BPM3:01
Linda Perry & Soul Express with Eddie BillupsXXXI Need Someone R&B1973Slow102BPM4:13
Maxine WeldonXXXGrits Ain't Groceries (All Around The World) Vocal/R&B1971Medium124BPM2:30
Nia JohnsonXXXPlain Out Of Luck R&B1976Medium132BPM3:15
Nia JohnsonXXXYou Are The Spice Of My Life R&B1976Slow72BPM4:01
Randolph Brown & Co.XXXI'm On Sick Leave R&B1975Medium127BPM3:08
Randolph Brown & Co.XXXIt Ain't Like It Used To Be R&B1975Medium127BPM3:27
Randolph Brown & Co.XXXTake A few More Steps R&B1975Medium133BPM3:13
Randolph Brown & Co.XXXYou Can Be Cured R&B1975Medium116BPM3:09
Raymond SmithXXX7th Day Lover R&B1975Medium122BPM3:01
Ronnie WhiteXXXOut Of Breath R&B1975Medium125BPM2:56
Soul TwistersXXXShot Me Through the Grease R&B1964Fast143BPM2:39
Speck WilliamsXXXSpeck's Blues R&B Inst1968Slow100BPM2:32
Speck WilliamsXXXWe Gave The Drummer Some R&B Inst1968Medium124BPM2:44
SpectrumXXXLet's Fall In Love R&B1976Medium120BPM4:18
SpringXXXLook To Me Baby R&B1975Slow109BPM2:45
SpringXXXSay What R&B1974Medium116BPM2:58
SpringXXXTalk To The Rain R&B1973Slow88BPM3:00
SpringXXXYou're So Hard To Forget R&B1975Slow109BPM2:57
SteptonesXXXLet The People Talk R&B1976Medium127BPM3:25
Terry HuffXXXCome Back With Love 1 R&B1975Slow79BPM3:26
Terry HuffXXXCome Back With Love 2 R&B1975Slow79BPM4:43
Terry HuffXXXI Destroyed Your Love 1 R&B1975Medium120BPM3:37
Terry HuffXXXI Destroyed Your Love 2 R&B1975Slow78BPM3:36
Terry HuffXXXJust Not Enough R&B1975Slow78BPM4:26
Terry HuffXXXPoochie R&B1975Medium120BPM5:35
Terry HuffXXXThat's When It Hurts R&B1975Medium129BPM4:51
Terry HuffXXXThe Lonely One R&B1975Slow105BPM4:38
Terry HuffXXXThe Lonely One (Single) R&B1975Slow105BPM4:36
Terry HuffXXXThe Lonely One Inst. R&B1975Slow105BPM4:52
Terry HuffXXXWhere There's A Will R&B1975Slow71BPM3:51
Terry HuffXXXWhy Doesn't Love Last R&B1975Slow73BPM5:00
The 2nd VerseXXXBe Here In The Morning R&B1974Medium124BPM2:56
The Dramatic ExperienceXXXSho' Nuff Good Feeling R&B1974Medium124BPM3:51
The Fabulous DeterminationsXXXDon't You Make Me Blue R&B1975Medium116BPM3:24
The Fabulous DeterminationsXXXHas Love Been Here Before R&B1974Medium130BPM2:30
The Grand JuryXXXMusic Is Fun To Me R&B1976Medium121BPM3:26
The Jackie Beavers ShowXXXWe're Not Too Young To Fall In Love R&B1975Medium129BPM2:16
The Last CrusadeXXXSuper Guy (Flying High) R&B1973Fast140BPM2:55
The PreparationsXXXThat's When He Remembers R&B1974Medium116BPM2:52
The Underground ExpressXXXWhere Can I Run R&B1973Fast140BPM2:06
The Words Of WisdomXXXYou're A Friend Of Mine R&B1976Medium120BPM3:38