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Songs Performed By Walter Legawiec & His Polka Kings / Stas Krell & His Orchestra
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
M. ShadXXXBe My Pal Polka Polka1964Medium132BPM2:37
LegawiecXXXChit Chat Polka Polka1964Medium128BPM2:14
M. ShadXXXDon't Run Polka Polka1964Medium132BPM2:28
M. ShadXXXGood Friends Polka Polka1964Medium128BPM2:58
R. EllenXXXHelena Polka Polka1964Medium131BPM2:04
R. EllenXXXHis & Hers Polka Polka1964Medium130BPM2:05
M. ShadXXXLook At The Girls Polka Polka1964Medium128BPM2:17
R. EllenXXXLublin Polka Polka1964Medium131BPM2:11
LegawiecXXXMary Strolls Through The Meadow Polka Polka1964Medium133BPM2:31
LegawiecXXXMonday Morning Polka Polka1964Medium124BPM2:38
M. ShadXXXNik Nak Polka Polka1964Medium135BPM2:16
M. ShadXXXOld Timer's Polka Polka1964Medium128BPM2:04
M. ShadXXXTo The Left To The Right Polka Polka1964Medium133BPM2:31
R. EllenXXXToo Late For Tears Polka Polka1963Medium132BPM2:33
LegawiecXXXTwin City Polka Polka1964Medium126BPM2:46
R. EllenXXXWhen We Were Young Polka Polka1965Medium126BPM3:13