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Songs Performed By The Tangerine Zoo
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
ThomasXXXAnother Morning Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM2:47
R. MedeirosXXXBirth Psych Rock1968Slow100BPM2:37
Gagnon/MedeirosXXXCan't You See Psych Rock1968Slow82BPM3:51
W.GagnonXXXConfusion Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM4:52
W. GagonXXXCrystalescent Heaven Psych Rock1968Slow78BPM4:49
Gagnon/ArmenXXXFarther Down The Road Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM4:29
R. BenevedesXXXLike People Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM2:39
R. MedeirosXXXMommy And Daddy Psych Rock1968Medium122BPM1:44
R. Mederios/D. SmithXXXNature's Children Psych Rock1968Medium138BPM3:52
W. GagonXXXPlease Don't Set Me Free Psych Rock1968Slow76BPM3:51
W. GagonXXXSymphonic Psyche Psych Rock1968Medium121BPM3:55
R. MerdiosXXXThe Flight Psych Rock1968Fast144BPM4:28
W. GagonXXXTrip To The Zoo Psych Rock1967Medium132BPM3:51
The Zoo-V.ArmenXXXWake Up Sun Psych Rock1968Fast140BPM4:16
Medeiros/ArmenXXXYou I Love Psych Rock1968Slow91BPM3:53
GagnonXXXYoung Dream Psych Rock1968Slow78BPM9:26