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Songs Performed By The Old Scratch Ensemble
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
M. ShadXXXAnimals Of Evil Halloween effects19912:12
M. ShadXXXBangs And Knocks Halloween effects19912:51
M. ShadXXXCrashes Halloween effects19912:40
M. ShadXXXDemented Laughter Halloween effects19915:03
M. ShadXXXDescent To Hell Halloween effects19915:48
M. ShadXXXDevices Of Torture Halloween effects19911:19
M. ShadXXXElectro-Mechanical Misery Halloween effects19914:50
M. ShadXXXEvil Environments Halloween effects19918:00
M. ShadXXXHellish Spaces Halloween effects19915:57
M. ShadXXXHuman Pain Halloween effects19914:34
M. ShadXXXHumans Of Hell Halloween effects19916:42
M. ShadXXXMachines And Metal Halloween effects19914:18
M. ShadXXXMonster Mayham Halloween effects19912:51
M. ShadXXXMonster Music Halloween effects19916:05
M. ShadXXXMusical Murder Halloween effects19915:04
M. ShadXXXNatural Disasters Halloween effects19914:48
M. ShadXXXSinister Steps Halloween effects19914:04
M. ShadXXXWeird And Queer Halloween effects19917:18
M. ShadXXXWindey Western Revolvers Halloween effects19916:32
M. ShadXXXWorldly Wars Halloween effects19914:59