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Songs Performed By Superfine Dandelion
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXCrazy Town Rock and Roll1968Medium130BPM3:07
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXDay And Night Rock and Roll1968Medium138BPM2:50
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXDon't Try to Call Me Rock and Roll1968Medium127BPM2:57
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXIt's Raining Rock and Roll1968Medium121BPM3:06
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXJanie's Tomb Rock and Roll1968Medium127BPM2:55
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXMy PLace Rock and Roll1968Medium124BPM2:15
M,McFadden/M, Collins/R.Black/C.Carver/J.MusilXXXPeople In The Streets Rock and Roll1968Medium138BPM3:33
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXShameful Lady Rock and Roll1968Medium126BPM2:44
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXThe Other Sidewalk Rock and Roll1968Medium124BPM3:06
M. McFadden/J. MusilXXXWhat's The Hurry Rock and Roll1968Slow109BPM2:51