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Songs Performed By Smokey Hogg
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
R EllenXXXComin' Out Blues Blues1951Fast146BPM2:43
R. EllenXXXDirty Mistreater Blues1951Medium132BPM2:39
R. EllenXXXDirty Mistreater R&B/Blues1951Medium132BPM2:39
R. EllenXXXHello Baby Blues1951Medium136BPM2:31
R. EllenXXXI Got A Mean Woman Blues1951Medium116BPM2:47
R. EllenXXXI Love You Baby Blues1951Medium124BPM2:38
R. EllenXXXI Love You Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium130BPM2:38
R. EllenXXXI Love You Baby Part 1 Blues1951Medium119BPM2:22
R. EllenXXXI Love You Baby, Part 2 Blues1951Medium133BPM2:38
R. EllenXXXI'm In Love With You Blues1951Slow103BPM3:04
R. EllenXXXI'm Leaving Blues1951Medium120BPM2:37
R. EllenXXXI'm Looking For My Baby R&B/Rock1951Medium134BPM2:35
R. EllenXXXI'm So Lonely Blues1951Medium112BPM2:49
R. EllenXXXLet's Go Back To The Country Blues1951Fast141BPM2:33
R. EllenXXXMiss Georgia Blues1951Slow95BPM3:01
R. EllenXXXSaved All My Money Blues1951Medium115BPM3:01
R. EllenXXXShake A Leg R&B/Blues1951Medium129BPM3:04
R. EllenXXXShake A Leg Blues1951Medium129BPM3:04
R. EllenXXXShake A Leg R&B/BluesMedium129BPM3:04
R EllenXXXShe's Always On My Mind Blues1951Slow65BPM2:41
R. EllenXXXShe's Always On My mind R&B/Blues1951Slow60BPM2:41
R. EllenXXXThat's My Baby Blues1951Fast143BPM2:36
R. EllenXXXWhat in the World Am I Going to Do? R&B/Blues1951Slow109BPM2:02
R. EllenXXXWhat In The World Am I Gonna Do Blues1951Slow79BPM2:02
R. EllenXXXWhat You Gonna Do Blues1951Medium129BPM2:36
R. EllenXXXWhat You Gonna Do? R&B/Blues1951Medium132BPM2:36
R. ShadXXXWhy Should I Love You Blues1951Medium121BPM3:16
R. EllenXXXWhy Should I Worry Blues1951Medium136BPM2:48
R. EllenXXXYou Won't Stay Home Blues1951Fast140BPM2:28