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Songs Performed By Peppermint Harris
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
R. EllenXXXBlues Don't Make Me Cry Blues1951Slow108BPM3:15
R. EllenXXXBlues Pick On Me Blues1951Fast2:04
R. EllenXXXCome On Lets Ride Blues1951Fast152BPM2:19
R EllenXXXFat Girl Boogie Blues1951Fast150BPM2:37
R. EllenXXXGimmie, Gimmie Blues1951Medium140BPM2:04
R. EllenXXXGonna End My Worries Blues1951Medium115BPM3:00
R. EllenXXXGonna End My Worries 1951112BPM3:00
R. EllenXXXGot A Big Fine Baby Blues1951Medium130BPM1:58
R. EllenXXXHey Low Boy Blues1951Fast142BPM2:26
R EllenXXXHow Long Must I Suffer Blues1951Medium124BPM3:13
R EllenXXXI Always End Up Blue Blues1951Medium112BPM2:47
R EllenXXXI Screamed And I Cried Blues1951Slow72BPM3:18
R. EllenXXXI Want To See You Baby Blues1951Slow98BPM3:19
R. EllenXXXI Want To See You Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium121BPM3:00
R. EllenXXXI Want To See You Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium122BPM3:00
R. ShadXXXI'm Going Crazy Blues1950Slow105BPM2:42
R EllenXXXI'm Telling You People Blues1951Slow84BPM2:39
R. EllenXXXI'm Writing To You Baby Blues1951Slow71BPM3:19
R. EllenXXXI've Often Wondered Blues1951Slow65BPM3:16
R. EllenXXXMabel, Mabel Blues1951Slow108BPM2:42
R. EllenXXXMy Blues Has Rolled Away Blues1951Medium131BPM2:06
R. EllenXXXOh, I Got The Blues Blues1951Medium120BPM3:02
R. EllenXXXPlease Tell Me Baby Blues1951Medium121BPM3:02
R. EllenXXXRainin' In My Heart 1951Medium117BPM2:37
R. EllenXXXShe's My Baby Blues/R&B1951Fast150BPM2:14
R. EllenXXXShe's My Baby R&B/Blues1951Medium113BPM2:14
R. EllenXXXShe's My Baby R&B/Blues1951Fast150BPM2:14
R. EllenXXXSweet Happy Home Blues1951Medium114BPM3:10
R EllenXXXTexarkana Bound Blues1951Slow98BPM3:05
R. ShadXXXThe Blues Pick On Me Blues1951Medium/Fast2:04