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Songs Performed By Paul Shwartz, Pat Weaver,Don Cosper, Jerry Gilbert
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
M. ShadXXXAnimals Of Hell Sound Effects19912:42
M. ShadXXXGASP! Sound Effects19911:39
M. ShadXXXGet Out or Die Laughing Sound Effects19912:43
M. ShadXXXGo To Hell Sound Effects19916:05
M. ShadXXXMoans and Groans Sound Effects19914:28
M. ShadXXXMusic Chants Of Doom Sound Effects19919:54
M. ShadXXXNight Fright 1 (Montage) Sound Effects19918:01
M. ShadXXXNight Fright 2 (Montage) Sound Effects19917:55
M. ShadXXXSounds a Creeping Sound Effects199111:40
M. ShadXXXThunder Of Doom Chords Sound Effects19917:40
M. ShadXXXVoice Of Doom Sound Effects19912:04