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Songs Performed By Joe Papoose Fritz
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
R. EllenXXXBad Women Blues R&B/Rock1951Slow101BPM2:56
R. EllenXXXBad Women Blues Blues1951Slow101BPM2:56
R EllenXXXI Love You My Darling Blues1951Medium129BPM3:01
R. EllenXXXI'm Sorry R&B/Blues1951Slow81BPM2:58
R. EllenXXXI'm Sorry Blues1951Slow81BPM2:58
R. EllenXXXI've Tried Not To Love You R&B/Rock1951Slow77BPM2:48
R. EllenXXXI've Tried Not To Love You Blues1951Slow77BPM2:48
R. EllenXXXLady Bear Boogie Blues1951Medium130BPM2:23
R. EllenXXXMean Old World Blues1951Slow83BPM4:13
R EllenXXXPlease Get Me Off Your Mind Blues1951Slow75BPM2:57
R. EllenXXXPlease My Darling R&B/Blues1951Slow112BPM3:10
R. EllenXXXPlease My Darling Blues1951Slow112BPM3:10
R. EllenXXXThey Were Right Blues1952Fast152BPM2:14
R. EllenXXXThey Were Right R&B/Rock1951Fast152BPM2:14