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Songs Performed By Hugo Montenegro
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
B. PyeXXXAndaluza Orchestra/World1960Medium115BPM3:03
R. FioccoXXXBoo Qui Woo Qui Orchestra Boogie1960Slow117BPM2:24
R. ShadXXXBoo Qui Woo Qui 1960Medium/Slow118BPM2:24
R. ShadXXXCarmen Medley Orchestra/World1960Medium130BPM2:32
B. PyeXXXCorrida De Toros Orchestra/World1960Medium120BPM2:39
B. PyeXXXEl Conquistador Orchestra/World1960Medium120BPM2:21
B. PyeXXXEl Momento Verdad Orchestra/World1960Slow90BPM3:36
B. PyeXXXEl Momento Verdad Big Band OrchMedium131BPM3:36
R. FioccoXXXEspana Cani Orchestra/Latin1960Medium125BPM3:01
R. FioccoXXXEspana Cani Latin/Dance1960Medium125BPM3:01
B. PyeXXXFantasy Impromptu Orchestra1961Fast155BPM3:26
B. PyeXXXFantasy Impromptu Big Band Orch1961Fast155BPM3:26
R. ShadXXXGato Montes Orchestra/World1960Slow68BPM3:03
R. ShadXXXHaving A Call Big Band1960Medium2:16
B. PyeXXXIn The Hall Of The Mountain King Pop Orch1960Fast144BPM3:27
B. PyeXXXIn The Hall Of The Mountain King Big Band Orch1961Fast144BPM3:27
B. PyeXXXIn The Hall Of The Mountain King Classical Orch1961Fast144BPM3:27
B. PyeXXXIn The Hall Of The Mountian King Orchestra/Classical1961Fast144BPM3:27
R. ShadXXXL'Arlesienne Fantasy Big Band1960Medium3:30
R. ShadXXXL'Arlesienne Fantasy Orchestra/World1960Medium3:30
B. PyeXXXLa Emperaora Orchestra/World1960Medium140BPM2:34
R. FioccoXXXLa Paloma Latin/Dance1961Medium/Fast120BPM2:31
R. FioccoXXXLa Paloma Latin/Dance1961Medium/Fast120BPM2:31
R. FioccoXXXLa Panse World Music1964Medium/Fast115BPM2:14
R. FioccoXXXLa Spagnola Orchestra/Latin1962Medium140BPM2:28
R. ShadXXXMacarenas Toreador Orchestra/World1960Medium120BPM3:09
R. ShadXXXMacarenas Toreador Big Band1960Medium120BPM3:09
R. ShadXXXMacarenas Toreador Latin/Dance1960Medium120BPM3:09
R. EllenXXXSt. Louis Blues Orchestra Boogie1960Fast151BPM2:41
B. PyeXXXSwanee River Boogie Orchestra Boogie1960Medium130BPM2:21
B. PyeXXXSwanee River Boogie Big Band1960Medium130BPM2:19
B. PyeXXXVerdeales (Mucho) Latin/Dance1960Medium124BPM3:40
B. PyeXXXVerdeales (Mucho) Orchestra/World1960Medium124BPM3:40
M. AsherXXXVeronica Orchestra/World1960Fast150BPM2:55
B. PyeXXXWin Win Boogie Blues Inst.1962Slow116BPM2:23
B. PyeXXXWin Win Boogie Boogie1962Slow116BPM2:23
B. PyeXXXWin Win Boogie Big Band1962Slow116BPM2:23
R. EllenXXXYancy Goes Honky Tonk Orchestra Boogie1960Slow101BPM2:35