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Songs Performed By Ellie Pop
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
S.&R. DunnXXXCan't Be Love Psych Rock1968Medium124BPM2:33
S.&R. DunnXXXCaught In The Rain Psych Rock1968Medium132BPM2:35
S.&R. DunnXXXNo Thanks Mr. Mann Psych Rock1968Slow100BPM2:51
S.&R. DunnXXXOh! My Friend Psych Rock1968Medium118BPM2:22
S.&R. DunnXXXRemembering (Sonnybrook) Psych Rock1968Medium127BPM2:30
S.&R. DunnXXXSeems I've Changed Psych Rock1968Medium135BPM2:23
S.&R. DunnXXXSeven North Frederick Psych Rock1968Medium122BPM2:20
S.&R. DunnXXXSometime Ago Psych Rock1968Medium119BPM2:23
S.&R. DunnXXXWatcha Gonna Do Psych Rock1968Slow105BPM2:45
S.&R. DunnXXXWinner Loser Psych Rock1968Medium126BPM2:14