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Songs Performed By Danny Albert and His Orchestra
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
M. AsherXXXBroiges Tanz Hora Jewish Wedding1963Medium140BPM3:15
M. AsherXXXDanny's Polka Polka1963Medium132BPM2:10
M. AsherXXXDanny's Polka Jewish Wedding/Polka1963Fast140BPM2:10
M. AsherXXXDie Green Koseene Jewish Wedding/cha-cha1963Medium132BPM2:44
M. AsherXXXIntroduction To Ceremony Spoken1964Spoken2:55
M. AsherXXXM'Zinka Tanz; Hava Nagila Jewish Wedding1963Medium/Fast141BPM3:28
M. AsherXXXMazurka Polka Polka1963Medium139BPM2:03
M. AsherXXXMazurka Polka World Music1963Medium139BPM2:03
M. AsherXXXMontes Czardas Jewish Wedding1963Slow86BPM3:38
M. AsherXXXMyim Jewish Wedding1964Fast141BPM2:03
M. AsherXXXPolka Mazurka Jewish Wedding/Polka1963Medium140BPM2:03
M. AsherXXXTumbalalaika Jewish Wedding1964Medium125BPM2:43
M. AsherXXXYoshke Jewish Wedding1964Slow90BPM2:57