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Songs Performed By Ben Webster
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
R. ShadXXXBlues For Mr. Brim Bebop1949Medium/Slow3:16
R. ShadXXXDark Corners Jazz1948Fast140BPM3:03
R. ShadXXXDark Corners Bebop1948Fast140BPM3:03
R. EllenXXXDoctor Keets Bebop Jazz1948Medium112BPM3:19
R. ShadXXXDuke and The Brute Bebop1949Medium2:54
R. EllenXXXFrog And Mule Bebop Jazz1948Medium138BPM3:12
XXXHoot Bebop1949Fast2:28
R. EllenXXXJeep Is Jumping Bebop1948Fast140BPM2:58
R. EllenXXXJeep Is Jumping Jazz1948Fast140BPM2:58
R. EllenXXXMister Brim Bebop1948Slow95BPM3:16
R. EllenXXXMister Brim Jazz1948Slow95BPM3:16
R. EllenXXXPark and Tilford Blues Bebop Jazz1948Fast144BPM3:21
R. EllenXXXRandall's Island Bebop1948Medium132BPM3:16
R. EllenXXXRandall's Island Jazz1948Medium132BPM3:16
R. EllenXXXReach Bebop1949Medium2:52
R. EllenXXXSpang Bebop Jazz1948Slow75BPM2:42