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Songs Performed By Barry Miles
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
B. MilesXXXArrows and Eagles Jazz Piano1972Fast156BPM2:25
B. MilesXXXDescent Jazz Piano1971Fast154BPM3:37
B. MilesXXXFirst Love Jazz Piano1972Slow109BPM5:16
B. MilesXXXFoot Mother Jazz Piano1971Medium130BPM6:10
B. MilesXXXLatina Jazz Piano/Scat1972Medium138BPM4:52
B. MilesXXXLife-Cycle Jazz Piano1972Fast140BPM6:37
B. MilesXXXLittle Heart Of Pieces Jazz Piano/Scat1971Slow108BPM4:41
B. MilesXXXScatbird Jazz Piano/Scat1972Slow106BPM3:56
B. MilesXXXSkeleton Dance Jazz Piano1972Medium132BPM9:50
B. MilesXXXSound Song Jazz Piano1971Slow/Medium/Fast106BPM4:42
B. MilesXXXSuburban Shuffle Jazz Piano1972Fast154BPM5:36
B. MilesXXXTangent Jazz Piano1971Medium135BPM4:43
B. MilesXXXWhite Heat Jazz Piano1971Fast154BPM8:08