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Songs Performed By Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted Nugent
Song WriterSong Subgenre Year Tempo BPM Playtime
R. EllenXXXBaby Please Don' t Go Psych Rock1967Medium136BPM5:39
Nugent/Farmer/Lober/WhiteXXXColors Psych Rock1967Medium133BPM3:28
Nugent/FarmerXXXDown on Phillip's Escalator Psych Rock1967Fast143BPM3:07
Nugent/FarmerXXXDr. Slingshot Psych Rock1967Medium133BPM3:04
NugentXXXFlight Of The Bird Psych Rock1967Medium127BPM2:51
FarmerXXXFor His Namesake Psych Rock1967Fast141BPM4:28
NugentXXXGood Natured Emma Psych Rock1967Medium127BPM4:39
Nugent/FarmerXXXJourney To The Center Of The Mind Psych Rock1968Fast158BPM3:36
NugentXXXLoaded For Bear Psych Rock1967Fast158BPM3:05
NugentXXXMigration Pysch Rock Inst.1967Medium129BPM6:05
Nugent/FarmerXXXMississippi Murderer Psych Rock1967Slow90BPM5:10
Nugent/FarmerXXXNight Time Psych Rock1967Medium120BPM3:17
NugentXXXProdigal Man Psych Rock1967Medium136BPM8:50
Nugent/FarmerXXXPsalms Of Aftermath Psych Rock1967Slow102BPM3:25
FarmerXXXSaint Phillip's Friend Psych Rock1967Slow101BPM3:32
NugentXXXScottish Tea Pysch Rock Inst.1967Medium127BPM4:02
FarmerXXXWhy Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange Psych Rock1967Medium121BPM2:28
Nugent/FarmerXXXYou Talk Sunshine I Breathe Fire Psych Rock1967Fast154BPM2:46