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I also noticed some extra water weight gain around my gut. I switched to four pumps per day, and I felt immediate effects. It varies from person to person. Generally, if you are an ass, or high strung, this will amplify it. When I was on 4 pumps per Tren A, I had a reduction of ejaculate, and sometimes found it hard to ejaculate. Getting erections is no problem, and I even take BP meds. I vary it now. I do still have the belly flab unfortunately. Overseas right now, and have Tren A appointment in a few days to get all my levels checked. BTW, I want to just throw this out there. I used several types.

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It is sometimes prescribed for women to help treat infertility. Moreover, HCG is sometimes prescribed to men to treat low testosterone levels. It is even used for weight loss by some, but this is not an FDA approved obesity treatment. When men take human chorionic gonadotropin, it acts like a luteinizing hormone, which communicates with the testes, telling them to produce more testosterone. Therefore some guys take HCG to try and ramp up testosterone levels for sports performance and bodybuilding. This hormone has also been shown to help boost sperm count and improve Tren Ace infertility. According to the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciencesyou should Trenbolone Acetate buy in UK note that HCG can lead to unwanted side effects, including headaches, confusion, fatigue, dizziness, Trenbolone Acetate, irritability, and numbness, tingling, and even blood clots. It is important to understand Nolvadex PCT dosage timing before getting started fully. Note that dosage recommendations do vary. If you followed a stronger or more potent anabolic steroid cycle, you might need to increase the dosage of Nolvadex PCT. This would consist of the following:. Some people also continue taking 10mg Nolvadex PCT daily for weeks 5 and 6 as well. This really just depends on how your body reacts to the post cycle therapy and whether or not you feel it is needed.

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Have had an allergic reaction to Nolvadex or tamoxifen the other name for Nolvadexor to Tren Ace of its inactive ingredients. Tren Acetate you get pregnant while taking Nolvadex, stop taking it right away and contact your doctor. You are at risk for blood clots.
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